Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett

Governor’s Transportation Funding Plan

Recognizing the needs of Pennsylvanians, the Governor’s plan proposes reducing the flat tax on gasoline at the pump by 17%.

The Governor’s Plan for transportation makes an additional $1.8 billion available for transportation investments, helps to retain and create tens of thousands of jobs and provides stable funding for the future of the system.

Additional revenue is generated by uncapping the Oil Company Franchise Tax that is levied on wholesale fuel distributors like Sunoco, BP, Exxon etc. The Governor’s plan will remove the cap gradually over a five year period, letting the tax apply to the full value of what the company is selling.

Removing the cap, does not increase or change the tax rates, it simply asks oil and gas companies to pay their fair share towards the cost of the infrastructure supporting their industry.

By the fifth year of the plan’s full implementation, it is estimated to provide:

    • Approximately $250 million for transit.

    • Roughly $200 million for locally owned roads and bridges.

    • Approximately $80 million for a multi-modal fund providing improvements to bicycle and pedestrian facilities, ports, airports and railways.

    • Approximately $85 million for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission to pay for expansion projects.

    • Approximately $1.2 billion for improvements to PennDOT-maintained roads and bridges.

This sustained investment will help to create 50,000 jobs in the industry and will encourage investments in new construction equipment which will generate manufacturing jobs.

To see the Governor’s full plan click here.