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Top 10 Most Frequently Asked
Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Questions

1. I haven’t received my benefit payment.

Benefit payments typically take three days to process, but under certain circumstances it may take up to 10 business days to receive your payment. Moreover, your payment may be delayed further, if there is an issue regarding the manner in which you were separated from employment, if there is an existing overpayment or there is a monetary issue that needs to be resolved. You can check the status of your specific claim or view your payments on our website.

2. How can I reopen my claim?

You can reopen your claim on our website. It may look like you are filing an initial claim, but this process is for reopening a claim. Please follow the instructions provided. If your last day of work is more than seven days ago or you still have problems with reopening your claim, please contact the UC service center by submitting a fax inquiry to 717-525-5160.

3. My claim indicates “inactive.”

You must file your biweekly claim between Sunday and Friday of the week immediately following the two weeks you are claiming. You can file your biweekly claim on our website or through the Pennsylvania Teleclaims (PAT) system. If you miss your biweekly claim filing date, your claim will be inactive and you will need to contact the UC service center by submitting a fax inquiry to 717-525-5160 to reset your claim. If your claim is inactive because you worked, and you are now unemployed again, please reopen your claim on our website.

4. I have an overpayment with a balance owed.

If you have received notice of an overpayment, you can expect a delay in your payment for up to 10 business days while the service center reviews the circumstances of the overpayment and takes the necessary steps to properly issue payment. If it has been longer than 10 business days, please contact the UC service center by submitting a fax inquiry to 717-525-5160.

5. I received a favorable decision from the referee but still have not received any payment.

You can expect a delay of up to four weeks until you receive any payment. You can view additional information about appeals on our website. If it has been longer than four weeks, please contact the UC service center by submitting a fax inquiry to 717-525-5160.

6. What is the status of my pending appeal?

A hearing will usually be scheduled within 30 days after you file your appeal. You will receive the hearing notice seven to 10 days before the hearing date. After your hearing is held, you should receive a decision from the UC referee within two weeks of the hearing date. If you have not received a decision on your hearing from the referee within three weeks of the hearing date, you should contact the referee’s office printed on the front of the Notice of Hearing you received.

7. What happens if I fail to register for work?

Claimants who fail to register as required will be disqualified to receive UC benefits beginning with the week in which their 30th day falls, unless their 30th day falls on a Saturday, in which case ineligibility will not begin until the following week.
  • To end the work registration disqualification:
  • Once you complete registration in JobGateway®, the disqualification will automatically end as follows:
    • If you register Monday-Saturday, your last week of disqualification is the week in which you register.
    • If you register on Sunday, your last week of disqualification is the prior week.
  • For assistance registering for employment-search services, contact your local Pennsylvania CareerLink®.

8. What are the exemptions to the Work Registration Requirement?

You may be exempt if you fall under one of the following criteria:
  • You are participating in the Shared-Work Program under Article XIII of the UC Law.
  • You are in training approved under the Trade Act.
  • If you are unemployed because your employer reduced your hours of work or laid you off for economic reasons and your employer has advised you in good faith and in writing that you will return to work on a specific date.

9. My separation from employment was not due to lack of work. Am I eligible for UC benefits?

UC benefits are for individuals who lost their job because of something that was not their fault or was beyond their control. If you are out of work because your employer had to make cutbacks, close an office, went out of business or something you could not control, you may be eligible to collect UC. If you are out of work because you quit or were fired, you might not be eligible to collect UC. Eligibility for UC benefits cannot be pre-determined. To find out if you are eligible, file an application for benefits on our website. After you file your claim, we will first determine if you are financially eligible. Next, we will determine whether your separation meets the eligibility requirements to receive benefits. You should complete and return all fact-finding forms you receive from the UC service center immediately to avoid delays. File your biweekly claims for benefits online or by using the PAT system. If it has been more than 6 weeks since you filed an application for benefits and you have not received a determination concerning your separation, please contact the UC service center by submitting a fax inquiry to 717-525-5160.

10. I need documentation stating I am no longer receiving UC.

If you have exhausted all entitled benefits, you can print your benefit payment history Monday through Friday 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. from our website. A printout of this can be used for many public agencies that request this type of information, or you can contact the UC service center by submitting a fax inquiry to 717-525-5160. You are entitled to two free benefit payment histories from the UC service center. There is a charge for any additional copies.
We recommend using this website to answer as many of your questions as possible or visiting our FAQ page for more information.
If you are unable to resolve your issue online and you must contact the UC service center for assistance, download the fax cover sheet and send your inquiry by fax to 717-525-5160. Most print/copy stores, office supply stores and packaging/shipping stores have fax service available. Your local PA CareerLink® can also fax the form for you.
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