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Industries of Interest (IOIs)

The purpose of Industries of Interest (IOIs) is to highlight growing or declining industries in the state.
Industries of Interest (IOIs) are determined by four consecutive quarters of employment growth or decline totaling at least ten percent (Hi-Growth/Hi-Decline); or year-over-year growth or decline of at least ten percent (Growth/Decline); and have an employment gain or loss of at least 25. It is possible that a noneconomic coding change could falsely identify an industry as an IOI. Industries of Interest (IOIs) are created from our Quarterly Census of Employment and Wage (QCEW) data, New Hires data and Help Wanted online job postings.
Pennsylvania's Industries of Interest is available in both PDF and Excel versions.
Want to find employers in your area that are considered an Industry of Interest?
Input the growth industry codes into CWIA's Employer Search feature on our website.
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