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The Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) is advising all current and former patients of a York County dentist they might be at risk for infection after an investigation discovered the dental facility did not follow appropriate infection control procedures. 

To date, the investigation has found Dr. Jacqueline A. Marcin did not properly clean, disinfect or sterilize devices at her dental office, located at 1820 E. Market St., York, Pa. 

The departments of Health and State conducted a joint, unannounced site visit of Dr. Marcin’s dental practice on April 24. The Pennsylvania State Board of Dentistry temporarily suspended Dr. Marcin’s dental license on April 29.

Currently, DOH has not received any related reports of diseases or illnesses being spread to or among patients of Dr. Marcin. Out of an abundance of caution – and to ensure the wellbeing of the public – DOH is recommending current or former patients of Dr. Marcin get tested for hepatitis B, hepatitis C and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Additional information regarding this investigation can be found by clicking on the tabs below. DOH will continue to update this webpage with important information and keep the public informed as this investigation continues.

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