Pennsylvania Bald Eagles

Documentary – Celebrating 30 Years of Restoration

The bald eagle's history in Pennsylvania is a precarious one. Only 30 years ago, we had a mere three nests left in our entire state. With the help of the Canadian government, several agencies including the Pennsylvania Game Commission brought bald eagle chicks back to their states to reintroduce bald eagles to the Northeast. Today, Pennsylvania boasts more than 250 nests. This 22-minute documentary is the story of that success.


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Live Stream Camera Installation

In December 2013, roughly 5 miles outside of Pittsburgh, a pan-tilt-zoom camera was installed on a tree nearby a bald eagle nest. In the photos below PixController's Bill Powers connects the marine batteries that power the camera; Game Commission Maintenance Worker, Derek Spitler, stands by one of two sets of solar panels that charge the batteries; Derek climbs more than 50 feet up a tree to mount the camera while Game Commission Information & Education Supervisor for the Southwest Region, Tom Fazi, assists – the nest is visible in a separate tree further downhill and the Monongahela River runs in the background; the mounted camera; and Powers testing the remote that controls the camera.

Update: We had an incredible 2013-14 season with the nest fledging three eaglets. We thank everyone for their incredible support and interest in this endeavor and look forward to giving you unique opportunities to learn about Pennsylvania wildlife in the future.

Pennsylvania Game Commission, 2001 Elmerton Ave, Harrisburg Pennsylvania 17110-9797