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Healthy Pennsylvania

Healthy Pennsylvania
Governor Tom Corbett is committed to ensuring Pennsylvanians have increased access to quality, affordable health care. To learn more about the newly approved Medicaid reforms and Healthy PA Private Coverage option, visit The governor's HealthyPa plan is focused on:


Get All Kids Insured: No child in Pennsylvania should be without health care. Healthy Pennsylvania works to ensure that all Pennsylvania children have access to quality, affordable health care coverage that best meets their needs. Governor Corbett has increased funding to support enrollment and outreach efforts for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), with the goal of covering all children. The plan also eliminates CHIP’s six month waiting period, allowing all Pennsylvania children to have continued and timely access to CHIP coverage.

Increase Access to Primary Health Care: Healthy Pennsylvania works to increase access to preventive and primary care. To continue this effort to expanded community-based, primary care health clinics throughout our commonwealth, Pennsylvania will apply for federal funding to increase access and better meet the primary care needs of all Pennsylvanians.

Recruit and Retain Healthcare Professionals: The Governor will ensure that Pennsylvanians have better access to primary care services by increasing the amount of providers in underserved areas. The governor continues to support loan forgiveness programs to train primary healthcare practitioners who, in return, will provide care in underserved areas.

Harness Health Information Technology: Healthy Pennsylvania will continue to promote greater use of health IT, including telemedicine and electronic health records, to bring high quality healthcare services to all Pennsylvanians.


Combat Prescription Drug Abuse: With prescription drug abuse on an alarming rise in Pennsylvania, Healthy Pennsylvania will work with the General Assembly to monitor and address the problem of prescription drug abuse.

Supporting Older & Disabled Pennsylvanians: A core component of Healthy Pennsylvania is developing a more effective and coordinated long-term care and support system for older and disabled Pennsylvanians. Healthy Pennsylvania will build on this year’s $50 million increase for older and disabled Pennsylvania and continue efforts to streamline services so that additional individuals may have access to home-and-community-based care.

Promote Good Public Health: From managing illness to promoting programs to keep kids and adults healthy in schools and communities, Healthy Pennsylvania supports public health efforts that improve the health of Pennsylvanians.


Rebuild and Reform Pennsylvania’s Medicaid Program: Governor Corbett’s Healthy Pennsylvania plan includes a common-sense approach to reforming Pennsylvania’s Medicaid program in order to provide affordable, quality health care in a responsible manner. The reforms include instituting a modest monthly premium designed to reduce unnecessary and inappropriate emergency room usage and asking the federal government to allow for job training and job search requirements for all working-age Medicaid beneficiaries.

Governor Corbett will not accept a Washington “one size fits all” approach for the Commonwealth and believes that reform is critical in order to protect and stabilizes Pennsylvania’s Medicaid program for our neediest citizens.

Continue to Reform PA’s Medical Liability System: Pennsylvania’s medical liability environment continues to be a financial burden on the state’s overall health care system. Healthy Pennsylvania builds upon recent improvements in our legal system by encouraging the adoption of the “Apology Rule” for health care providers to allow them to express empathy for unforeseen outcomes without fear that their statements will be seen as an admission of error.



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Visit to learn more about the newly approved Medicaid reforms and Healthy PA Private Coverage Options.