Healthy Steps in Motions (HSIM) : This is an exercise program developed for adults 50 years of age and older with different fitness levels - beginner, intermediate or advanced. Healthy Steps in Motion is an eight week program with two one-hour classes each week that offers exercise routines to build strength (especially in the lower body), increase flexibility and improve balance. Each participant receives a colorful calendar-style booklet with directions and illustrations of exercises as well as information about how to set goals and keep track of progress.


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Healthy Steps in Motion – Testimonials

Some participants felt that they would not be able to do it, but others found that it made life easier at home when doing daily activities; they had better balance and better posture.

One individual had virtually no exercise history before starting HISM.  He lost weight and felt his energy level skyrocket.  Another participant reported better mobility and increased speed in her walking gait.



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