Chronic Disease Self-Management Program : The Pennsylvania Department of Aging, in partnership with Stanford University, offers the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program to help older adults better manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, emphysema, and hypertension. The goal of the program is to improve physical capability and pleasure from life by learning methods to better manage one's own illness.



One adult stated that before attending the workshop, she was afraid to talk to people, but because of the group setting, she is now much more comfortable speaking in public.

Other participants enjoyed creating an action plan as a way to assure completion of tasks that they really wanted to accomplish.  Several reported that they will continue to use the action plan in their everyday activities. 

Some participants experienced an Aha! Moment when they realized they need to work on their personal relationships with others, and communicate better with family, friends and health professionals.  

Many also appreciated the relaxation and breathing techniques.  They realized how easy it was to take a few minutes and allow ourselves to take a break.   

Many said the validation of knowing that they are not alone in their feelings was a big factor in enjoying this class.  Learning skills to deal with their condition, family and doctors was a big help.

As a Chronic Disease Self-Management instructor, I found it very rewarding to see the transformation of many of the participants.  The most profound result was seeing the decrease in the participants’ list of problems caused by living with a chronic condition.  Words such as fear, worry, anxiety and frustration were absent from the last session’s list of problems. This spoke volumes about the effectiveness of the program, and made my co- instructor and me proud to be part of such a successful intervention.


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