PrimeTime Health is the Department of Aging's health promotion and disease prevention programs.  Research has shown that many of the declines that are attributed to aging are not due to the aging process but instead to lifestyle choices.  PrimeTime Health is about promoting the health and independence of older Pennsylvanians.

Various programs are offered either through your Area Agency on Aging‘s connection to senior centers, or through its collaboration with hospitals, physician offices, colleges and community centers.  Any Pennsylvanian over the age of 50 may attend PrimeTime Health programs.  

Activities include health screenings, nutrition and fitness classes, fall prevention programs, medication management and chronic condition self-management workshops, and much more. Contact your PrimeTime Health coordinator at your local Area Agency on Aging for more information. Three primary programs sponsored by PrimeTime Health include:


Falls Prevention Workshop – Fall Risk Screening & Education Class






Exercise Class - For Strength, Balance & Flexibility




Health Education Class – Support and Motivation for Daily Management of Chronic Conditions






Wellness Workshops in Pennsylvania





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