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Bald Eagle Midwinter Survey

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Note: Please complete ALL sections of this form.
Variables should not be modified; observers should choose best of current options; use comments if clarification is needed.
Survey Site Location
1. State:
2. Second State Surveyed:
3. Survey Site Number:
4. Drainage or Body of Water:
5. Site Name:
6. County 1:
7. County 2:
8. Start Point:
9. End Point:
10: Did this year's survey cover the same area that has been surveyed on this route in past years?
Survey Procedures
1. Survey Date & Time:  
2. Total Time of Survey (Minutes):
3. Select Roost or Nonroost:
4. Check ALL That Apply:
5. Total Miles Surveyed*:
6. Survey Method (Check ALL That Apply).
Survey Method Other:
Survey Results
1. Total Bald Eagles Counted:
2. Adult Bald Eagles Counted:
3. Immatures Bald Eagle Counted:
4. Unknown Age Bald Eagles Counted:
5. Total Golden Eagles Counted:
6. Adult Golden Eagles Counted:
7. Immatures Golden Eagles Counted:
8. Unknown Age Golden Eagles Counted:
9. Number of Unidentified Eagles Counted (not identified to species):
1. Name of Recorder(s):
2. Number of Observers:
3. Observers Address:
4. City:
5. State:
6. Zip:
7. Email Address:
8. Phone (include area code):
9. Affiliation:
Affiliation Other Federal Agency:
Affiliation Other:
Variables should not be modified; observers should choose best of current options, use comments if clarification is needed.
General Weather & Ice Conditions
1. Temperature (Fahrenheit):
2. Precipitation:
3. Was there fog at any time during the count?
4. Wind:
5. Cloud Cover:
6. Percentage of Ice Cover over entire survey route:
How did this year's weather compare to past years?
7. Weather:
8. Ice:
If this year's survey covered more area than in past years, please report ONLY the observations made along the traditional survey route on this form and mark YES for #7, any additional observations may be noted in the comments section below. If this survey covered less area than in past years, please describe how it differed in comments below.
Finished? Please click SAVE, a blank survey form will appear. This means the survey has been submitted.

The 2015 Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey target dates are 9 and 10 January with 31 December 2014 - 14 January 2015, if needed.
*The total miles surveyed should be the amount of shoreline or other habitat that is observed. For a route along a river, it is usually the one-way direction that the vehicle or aircraft travels along the river. On a lake or reservoir, it is the amount of shoreline habitat that is viewed (from one or many viewpoints).
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