Pennsylvania Commission for Women


Civic engagement is critical to the success of a democracy. Active community participation offers women in Pennsylvania and across the country an opportunity to better themselves and the world around them. Individuals who are informed and engaged can improve the quality of life in their communities and shape public opinion and policies at the local, state and federal levels.
Civic Engagement

Whether you volunteer at a community organization, serve in public office, advocate for an issue at a neighborhood meeting, or vote at the polls on Election Day, you can make a difference.


    • 8 of 50 members of the Pennsylvania Senate are women.
    • 37 of 253 members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives are women.
    • Women comprise 17.8% of the Pennsylvania Legislature.
    • Of the 1,791 women state legislators serving nationwide, 370 or 20.6% are women of color. They include 94 senators and 276 representatives.


How to Vote in Pennsylvania

VotesPA provides information about voter registration, locating your polling place, frequently asked questions, and other voting-related resources.

Running for Office

How to Get Involved

    Ready to Run Campaign Training for Women™
    Ready to Run™ is a national non-partisan network of candidate recruitment and training programs committed to electing more women to public office. To learn more about the program in Pennsylvania, visit the links below.

    Community Service and Volunteerism
    Identify an organization or group that you care about in the community, such as a food bank, library or neighborhood association. By volunteering your time and sharing your talents, you are helping to improve the quality of life in your community.

    Work at a Polling Place on Election Day
    As a registered voter, you can volunteer to work at the polls on Election Day. Contact your county’s Bureau of Elections and Voter Registration for opportunities to help with Election Day duties. Contact information for your counties election and voter registration office can be found here.

¹Center for American Women and Politics, Rutgers University