Middle Creek Educator Workshops

Pennsylvania Songbirds - June 19 & 20 - 8:30-3:30

PA Songbirds is a hands-on, interdisciplinary resource and activity guide for educators, offered through a joint project of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, DCNR and Pennsylvania Audubon.

Thursday's program at King Gap will cover the use of the guide and participation in several activities. Additional resource materials will also be highlighted.

Friday will offer an optional guided trip to the Pennsylvania Game Commission's Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, listed as an Important Bird Area and home to nesting bald eagles.

For grade K-12 educators. Cost: $20 each day; includes PA Songbirds Guide & transportation for optional field trip to Middle Creek. PDE approved.

Contact King Gap at 717-486-5031 or to register.

Registration deadline is May 16th

WILD About Raptors - Hawks, Harrier, Falcons, Osprey, Eagles - July 16 - 8:30-3:30

This workshop will explore the world of Pennsylvania's diurnal raptors. Resources will include Wildlife Notes for each species and a review of additional materials used and/or available from the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Activities for the day are designed to address topics including adaptations, natural history and current status of specific species. A significant portion of the day will be a field experience designed to further develop raptor watching and identification.

For grade K-12 educators. Act 48 hours available.

To register, contact Bert Myers at or 717-733-1512

Registration deadline is June 30th

WILD About Mammals - July 21 & 22 - 8:30-3:30

Designed for teachers at the elementary level, this workshop is designed to enhance participant's knowledge of the variety of wild mammals that inhabit the Commonwealth. Each day will feature a variety of lessons, activities and natural history about PA mammals. Activities will be held both inside and outdoors.

For grade K-6 educators. Act 48 hours available.

To register, contact Bert Myers at or 717-733 1512.

Registration deadline is July 7th

WILD About Waterfowl - August 19 - 8:30-3:30

This workshop will help educators learn about waterfowl species and the importance of wetland habitats. Topics include human impacts on and migration habits of waterfowl within the Atlantic flyway. Field activities include observation of duck banding (conditions permitting), waterfowl identification and a guided field experience throughout the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area. Workshop materials and activities are designed to assist educators to meet curriculum standards established by the PDE.

For grade K-12 educators. Act 48 hours available.

To register, contact Bert Myers at or 717-733-1512.

Registration deadline is July 30th

Pennsylvania Game Commission, 2001 Elmerton Ave, Harrisburg Pennsylvania 17110-9797