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District-Wide Supervisory Certificate: Pupil Personnel Services
Pennsylvania offers a district-wide Supervisory certificate for Pupil Personnel Services which is a K-12 certificate. This certificate entitles the holder to coordinate or supervise all of the pupil personnel service areas, design and develop supporting materials and innovative and experimental processes and programs affecting the delivery of pupil personnel service, direct or conduct basic or applied research within the pupil personnel service areas, and to articulate the pupil personnel services within the instructional services.
Issuance of the Supervisor of Pupil Personnel Services certificate requires a minimum of five years professional school experience in a pupil personnel service area.
Preparation for this professional certificate is at the graduate level and presumes in-depth study in the area of pupil personnel services.
A person prepared as a Supervisor of Pupil Personnel Services may be eligible for certification provided the applicant:
  1. Has completed an approved program of graduate study preparing the applicant for the broad area, district-wide supervisory functions specified by the endorsement area of the certificate. (Preparation completed out-of-state must meet Pennsylvania standards for certification.)
  2. Is recommended for certification by the authorized certification officer of the institution where such education was obtained, or holds a comparable certificate from another state (for out-of-state graduates only).
  3. Provides a chief school administrator's verification of the completion of five years of satisfactory professional school experience as mentioned above (22 PA Code Section 49.111).
  4. Has provided evidence of satisfactory achievement on assessments prescribed by the Department under Section 49.18(a).
  5. Is able to meet all other requirements provided by law.

Application Forms and Fees

A listing of institutions with approved programs for the Supervisor of Pupil Personnel certificate can be found under Approved Certification Programs 
The application must be accompanied by credentials necessary to verify qualifications for certification with the exception of official transcripts which must be sent directly from each college or university to this office. Transcripts are not required if: 1) attending a Pennsylvania approved educator preparation program AND, 2) completion of the program will be affirmed and the candidate recommended for certification by the Pennsylvania approved educator preparation program.
Bureau of School Leadership and Teacher Quality


I.  Knowing the Content
The professional education program provides evidence that Supervisor of Pupil Personnel Services certification candidates complete a clearly articulated post-baccalaureate program that assesses their potential for supervision through an examination of their oral and written communication skills, qualifying work experience, organizational ability and personal motivation prior to admission.  The program also provides evidence that the candidates demonstrate their knowledge of and competence in the fundamental concepts of supervising non-instructional professional education specialists including:
I.A.  Role and function of pupil support services including:
  • educational specialist certification areas,
  • responsibilities of educational specialists,
  • scope of services and integration of services with educational program,
  • organization and administration,
  • educational testing and evaluation
I.B.  Role and function of the pupil personnel services supervisor including:
  • identifying staff development needs and human resources,
  • organizing, facilitating, and evaluating  personnel and services,
  • budget planning and integrating district and school priorities,
  • applying effective job analysis procedures, supervisory techniques and staff performance appraisal,
  • negotiating and managing staff conflicts,
  • student testing and assessment
I.C.  Theories and models of pupil services supervision including:
  • clinical and developmental,
  • cognitive and peer coaching,
  • observation and conferencing,
  • collaborative teaming
I.D.  Theories of organization that promote the school culture as a learning community including:
  • collaborative planning processes,
  • team-building and shared best practices,
  • human and social development and group dynamics
I.E.  Pupil personnel services development processes based upon:
  • research, applied theories, and informed practice,
  • tests and measurements,
  • case management,
  • program planning and evaluation
I.F.  School organizational structures that support service delivery including:
  • class scheduling alternatives,
  • school facilities and classroom design,
  • infusion of technology into service delivery
II. Performances
The professional education program provides evidence that Supervisor of Pupil Services certification candidates are assessed and meet the established program competencies and exit criteria during their participation in 360 hours of authentic simulations, field experiences and a practicum and demonstrate their ability to perform the major task areas of policy determination, program development and supervision including:
II.A.  Designing and monitoring pupil service delivery systems
II.B.  Constructing alternative methods of providing services
II.C.  Evaluating program effectiveness
II.D.  Identifying staff development needs and resources
II.E.  Planning activities to address the needs of the educational program
II.F.  Integrating pupil services into the instructional program
II.G.  Budgetary planning for delivery of services and personnel development
III.  Professionalism
The professional education program provides evidence that Pupil Personnel Supervisor certification candidates demonstrate knowledge and competencies that foster professionalism in school and community settings including:
III.A.  Professional organizations, publications and resources
III.B.  Integrity and ethical behavior, professional conduct as stated in Pennsylvania's Code of
Professional Practice and Conduct for Educators; and local, state, and federal laws and regulations
III.C.  Collaborating with school colleagues, and other professional social service providers to improve student learning
III.D.  Communicating effectively with parents/guardians, other agencies and the community at large to support learning by all students
January 2001
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