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Emergency Permits

The Department may issue an emergency permit for service in the public schools, at the request of the employing public school entity, to an applicant who is a graduate of a 4-year college or university, to fill a vacant position or to serve as a long-term or day-to-day substitute teacher, when a fully qualified and properly certificated applicant is not available. 

·         Individuals should not submit an emergency permit application unless instructed to do so by a school entity. Once directed by the public school entity  to apply, it is the responsibility of the:

o   applicant to generate the online application in Teacher Information Management System (TIMS)

o   public school entity to complete and submit the online application for the permit.

o   public school entity to respond directly to candidates’ questions regarding the issuance of emergency permits 

The primary reason for delays in issuing an Emergency Permit is missing or incomplete information.  The absence of application fees or any required documentation initiates a “send back” e-letter and the Bureau of School Leadership and Teacher Quality must place the application “on hold” until all documentation is received and the issue is fully resolved.




Certification and Staffing Policies and Guidelines (CSPG) 13, 14, and Title 22, Pa. Code, Chapter 49.31-49.34 available on PDE’s website provides information about emergency permits.  Certification officers at educational entities are encouraged to attend or view the online training, TIMS Emergency Permit Training for PreK-12 Certifying Officers.  A schedule of live sessions is available at www.pdewebinars.org.  Previously recorded training is also available for viewing. Select “Recordings,” changing calendar selection to “This Year” and selecting the most recent recording.    


Day-to-Day Substitute Permits (Type 06)


Most Type 06, Day-to-Day Substitute Emergency Permits, are automatically approved on line. Daily substitute permits may be issued for all instructional, all vocational, school nurse, or dental hygienist.  Each employer is responsible for collecting and maintaining the required documentation which may be required to be sent to PDE if the permit is selected for random audit. An applicant must enter a permit request application online via the Teacher Information Management System (TIMS) at least initially. The renewal process will vary depending upon the applicant’s situation. 


Long Term Substitute Permits (Type 01 and 04)


A long term substitute permit is required when a substitute is required for more than 20 days. Permits are issued in all instructional, vocational, educational specialist, supervisory and administrative areas.  Permits may be issued for specific subject area(s). The applicant must agree to and comply with annual requirements leading to permanent certification when an emergency permit with educational obligation is required (type 01 permits) to fill a vacancy.


Act 97 Waiver of Certification (Type 02)


The Act 97 Waiver of Certification may be requested by either a public school entity or initiated by a Level I or II certificate holder (through the public school entity) who is facing furlough, or who has already been furloughed or demoted by that entity. Refer to Certification and Staffing Policies and Guidelines (CSPG) 14 for more information.


Teacher Exchange/Cultural Exchange Permits (Type 08)


Permits are issued to qualified applicants participating in a teacher or cultural exchange program.  Refer to Certification and Staffing Policies and Guidelines (CSPG) 13 for more information. 


Certification Fees

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