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Tuition Rate Calculation
School Finance within the Office of Comptroller Operations, calculates, certifies and issues Elementary and Secondary Tuition Rates on the PDE-2061 Form annually.  The rates are calculated using financial information reported by each LEA on the Annual Financial Report, PDE-2057.  The certified rates and calculations are published on the Financial Accounting Information System (FAI) upon completion.
School District Tuition Rates: 
Use the links below to access a listing of all public school districts and their elementary and secondary tuition rates.  Reports are available in either PDF format or as Excel spreadsheets.
For Use During: 
q    Fiscal Year 2014-2015:  Certified 5/2015

           2014-15 PDF File or 2014-15 Excel Spreadsheet 

q    Fiscal Year 2013-2014:  Certified 5/2014
q    Fiscal Year 2012-2013:  Certified 5/2013

           2012-13 PDF File or 2012-13 Excel Spreadsheet 

q    Fiscal Year 2011-2012:  Certified 5/2012

           2011-12 PDF File or 2011-12 Excel Spreadsheet 


q    Fiscal Year 2010-2011:  Certified 5/2011

           2010-11 PDF File or 2010-11 Excel Spreadsheet 


q    Fiscal Year 2009-2010:  Certified 5/2010

           2009-10 PDF File or 2009-10 Excel Spreadsheet 


q    Fiscal Year 2008-2009:  Certified 4/2009

           2008-09 PDF File or 2008-09 Excel Spreadsheet 


q    Fiscal Year 2007-2008:  Certified 4/2008

          2007-08 PDF File or 2007-08 Excel Spreadsheet

q    Fiscal Year 2006-2007:  Certified 4/2007

          2006-07 PDF File or 2006-07 Excel Spreadsheet 


q    Fiscal Year 2005-2006:  Certified 4/2006

          2005-06 PDF File or 2005-06 Excel Spreadsheet 


q    Fiscal Year 2004-2005:  Certified 4/2005

          2004-05 PDF File or 2004-05 Excel Spreadsheet 


q    Fiscal Year 2003-2004:  Certified 5/2004

          2003-04 PDF File or 2003-04 Excel Spreadsheet 


q    Fiscal Year 2002-2003:  Certified 5/2003

          2002-03 PDF File or 2002-03 Excel Spreadsheet 


q    Fiscal Year 2001-2002:  Certified 4/2002

          2001-02 PDF File or 2001-02 Excel Spreadsheet 

Questions regarding Tuition Rate calculations can be directed to RA-Schlfin@pa.gov