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Renewal of Safety Committee Certification

What's the process for renewing my committee's certification? The renewal process is simple and fairly automatic!
With amendments signed into law on December 9, 2002, the workers’ compensation law allows annual renewal of the certification of an employers’ workplace safety committee -if- the committee continues to operate -and- continues to meet all of the requirements upon which initial certification was based. Certification renewal entitles an employer to a 5% workers’ compensation premium discount for the annual policy period next following receipt of certification.



- Questions and Answers -

How do I obtain a Certification Renewal Form?

"Certification Renewal Forms" will be automatically computer generated and mailed to all employers whose workplace safety committees have been initially certified.

When will renewal forms be mailed?

Forms will be mailed to insured employers approximately 60-90 days before their workers' compensation policy renewal date and mailed to self-insured and group self-insurance fund members approximately 60-90 days before the end of their annual fund year.

What if I don’t get a renewal form?

If your address, designated contact, company name, or other key information have changed, and you haven’t notified the bureau, your renewal form may have been misdirected. While redelivery attempts are made for returned mail, few of these are successful. Employers should (a) notify the bureau in writing when key information changes to ensure proper form routing, and (b) contact the bureau’s health and safety division at least 30 working days before their policy renewal date so that another form can be prepared and sent. Remember, according to the law, affidavits MUST be submitted between 90 and 15 calendar days prior to the annual policy or self-insurance renewal dates. Forms submitted outside these time limits will be returned.

What information will be included on renewal forms?

Forms will have all of the following already completed: name, address, contact person, carrier information, union data, self-insurance information, workplace location and safety committee data. This information is taken from the certification application initially approved, and employers are asked to make any necessary corrections or changes and to complete any missing information. An "Acknowledgment and Agreements" page must be signed.

Is completing and returning the renewal form all I need to do?

If, since the initial certification, an employer has added workplaces which are not covered by a safety committee, a satisfactory explanation will be required for the form to be approved. Also, if any additional safety committees have been established which have not previously been certified, a complete initial "Application for Certification of Workplace Safety Committee" is required for these new committees. These applications should be submitted along with the completed renewal form for review, and both must be approved to be eligible for the renewal discount.

If my renewal form is approved, who will be notified?

Each employer will be notified in writing that their form has been approved. If the employer is insured, it is their responsibility to provide a copy of the notification to their insurer. For each employer whose certification renewal is approved, the Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau (PCRB) will also be notified. It is then up to the insurer and PCRB to calculate and apply the discount. If the employer is a member of a group self-insurance fund which has approved discounts in annual member contributions, the fund administrator will also be notified of the certification renewal approval.

What happens if my renewal form is not approved?

Each applicant will receive written notification if their renewal form is disapproved. The notification will state the specific reasons for disapproval. If these deficiencies can be remedied through, for example, the submission of acceptable documentation, prior to the premium renewal date or end of the annual fund year, the renewal form can be approved.


 If you have any further questions concerning the certification renewal form, please contact the certification section at (717) 772-1635 or the health and safety division at (717) 772-1917.

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