2013 Governor's Award for Safety Excellence (GASE) Winners

Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison manufactures and distributes display graphics, labeling and packaging materials, retail graphic embellishments and RFID tags that companies around the world use to engage customers and efficiently manage their inventories. Within a given day, 17 percent of everything we touch was made by Avery Dennison. Avery Dennison Corporation is a Fortune 500 company located in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, but has operations in over 50 countries. Avery Dennison's dedication to safety is evident by not only their Workplace Safety Committee's efforts but their company's as well. Their company's motto is "Zero is achievable" and believe that safety is a value not a priority. One of the ways they have demonstrated this is by going 627 days without an injury. They have implemented an "Ideas for Action" program, allowing employees to make suggestions to improve processes and procedures. The company also regularly posts and distributes safety "single point lessons," single laminated sheets explaining when a process or procedure is changed. Color-coded mats and walkways identify danger zones throughout the facility and the company recently implemented a wellness program and a nurse's station staffed by a certified nurse.


Liberty Electric Power is a merchant combined cycle power producer located in Eddystone, Pennsylvania. They are one of 11 plants that make up the Equipower fleet. Liberty features two gas turbines, a steam turbine and a 12-cell mechanical draft cooling water tower. The facility is supplied with high pressure natural gas which is then converted to electrical energy. Typical gas consumption is approximately 70,000,000 cubic feet a day. In the wintertime, production capabilities average 575 megawatt hours (575,000,000 watts per hour) or about enough power for over half a million homes. Liberty achieved recognition as a Star site under the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) in May 2011 and continues to be a Star facility. The company makes use of a new employee training and shadowing program, and requires contractor orientation with safety videos. They also use a user group email for dissemination of safety issue information, as well as an anonymous "call box" for communicating in-house safety issues.

AFS Energy Systems

Photo of AFS Energy Systems Staff
AFS (Advanced Fabrication Systems, Inc.) of Lemoyne, Pennsylvania is a metal fabrication firm which also is involved in constructing biomass energy systems which burn wood products. They are a design/build engineering firm in existence since 1990 and their 80 biomass systems are in 18 states and Canada. Their product results in combustion realizing zero net carbon output. Another design and build project included the upgrading of Brunner Island in York County. Highly significant is the growth of this Pennsylvania corporation which has doubled in size in 2012 while maintaining safety consciousness. They have been a SHARP organization since 2009 as well as innovators in several programs which benefit their company as well as other organizations. Inspections include monthly assessments on equipment as well as preventative maintenance policies. They participate in a regular "Safety by Walkthrough" program that has staff walking through the premises, including the site's three buildings, campus and grounds, to find and rectify safety issues. The company also shares their safety program on the Internet to aid other organizations in achieving their safety goals.

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control engineers, manufactures and assembles laser guided — precision guided systems including the instrumentation and control for power plants on Navy ships and submarines. The company is an OSHA VPP Star site and received its 5 year recertification in March 2013. In 2012 Lockheed Martin created an employee-based safety committee. The company operates a "Close Call" system, an intranet reporting system that allows for proactive and post-accidental reporting. A Global Recall system oversees the regular calibration of all equipment in use, and their "Generating Ideas for Tomorrow," or GIFT, program rewards employees for safety suggestions from suggestion boxes located throughout the facility.

Tobyhanna Army Depot

Tobyhanna Army Depot is responsible for supporting all maintenance shops repairing and overhauling complex C4ISR Army systems. Tobyhanna Army Depot is also responsible for engineering and integrating complex C4ISR equipment into tactical systems using CAD systems. The company is an OSHA VPP Star worksite since 2010. Their safety red card program allows employees to show a red card notifying a supervisor to stop and correct unsafe acts. In order to reduce fossil fuel vehicle emissions, the depot initiated an indoor electrical vehicle program. A "Fire Safety House," a contained unit designed to train families about emergency response in the event of a fire or other emergency, can be transported through the community as well as the base itself.

Dynamic Manufacturing

On Jan. 1, 1993, three former Fisher Scientific employees formed Dynamic Manufacturing and rented space for operations in the U-Parc facility located at the former Chem Lab campus in Harmarville, Pennsylvania. The company grew into a formidable company offering electronic manufacturing services, aftermarket services and cable assembly. As of Sept. 13, 2013, Dynamic Manufacturing has worked 1,058,773 hours since their last work related incident. The company keeps a safety log in the production area that has resulted in a high level of associate awareness and participation. Monthly town talk meetings discuss safety issues which are addressed with all associates. Dynamic Manufacturing also has integrated safety policies and procedures with all employees to stress the philosophy that safety is everyone's top priority.


Since 1988 ABMECH, Inc. has been providing their expertise in hazardous materials remediation to customers in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland and Virginia. In 2013 they celebrated their 25th year in business, providing customers with a level of quality and service unmatched in the industry, while providing their employees an employer with a strong safety culture. ABMECH, Inc. strictly adheres to all federal and state regulations, performed by a workforce certified in all required accreditations. ABMECH, Inc. is an active participant in the State-Certified Workplace Safety Initiative. Their commitment to safety is illustrated by their Mission Statement: "To provide a workplace culture that is conducive to achieving maximum productivity in dangerous working environments by addressing potential safety deficiencies first and foremost before entering the environment. To achieve this goal through ongoing dialogue between Labor and Management, knowing that Labor understands that the ongoing physical requirements placed upon them require logical intelligent decisions be made to achieve the safety and productivity desired." ABMECH, Inc. is a Silver Contractor Award recipient of the 2011 Theodore H. Brodie Distinguished Safety Award.

Voith Turbo Inc.

Photo of Voith Turbo Inc. Staff
Voith Turbo Inc. (VTI) is a member of the worldwide Voith group of companies headquartered in Heidenheim, Germany, and is a part of the Voith Turbo family. Voith Turbo's three distribution centers in North America can ship complete units and spare parts of a number of products, including DIWA automatic bus transmissions; light rail transmissions and axle drives; Scharfenberg automatic couplers; universal joints and Safeset torque limiting couplings; hydrostatic pumps; torque converters; and variable speed, fill controlled and constant fill fluid couplings. Injury records show a decrease from three lost time cases in 2011 to zero in 2012. Injury causes in ergonomics resulting from strains and sprains led to modifications in training, work area modifications, new tool design, work processes, lift tables and cranes. The Voith plant in York has gone 811 days (818,200 man hours) without a loss time injury. They have also reduced their OSHA recordable rate from 2.31 in 2011 to 2.07 in 2012.

MI Metals, Inc.

MI Metals is an aluminum parts extrusion plant located in Millersburg, Pennsylvania. It is the largest plant of four companies owned and operated by the client. MI Metals achieved certification under the OSHA Safety and Health Achievement and Recognition Program (SHARP) in 2008 and continues to be a SHARP facility. It was awarded the Governor's Award for Safety Excellence in 2008. MI Metals has reduced their injuries from 8 in 2004 to 0 in 2012 with a very minor injury in 2013. Their workers' compensation costs have dropped over the period 2003 to present from $12,416 (2003) to $322 in 2012. The fact that they have had no lost time in 25 years, considering the type of manufacturing and multiple stations and activities involved in such an industry, speaks highly of their devotion to employee injury and illness reduction considering between 10 million to 20 million pounds of metal per month go through their operations.

MI Windows and Doors, LLC

MI Windows and Doors is a window and patio door manufacturing company with five different locations, three of which are located in Pennsylvania. The Gratz facility is a 250,000 square foot building with 440 employees who are involved with assembling different types/styles of windows as well as patio doors working on two shifts daily. MIWD has been part of the OSHA SHARPS program for approximately five years, and due to their efforts and number of employees they now have, they are currently moving toward obtaining VPP status from OSHA. MIWD has instituted a stretching program for all employees, wherein all employees are given instruction in appropriate stretching exercises prior to starting work or when completing certain tasks. They require all contractors to be trained using MIWD's Safety & Health Program, and "Safety Alerts" are sent out corporate-wide any time a serious safety incident or near-miss occurs, so other facilities can be proactive in preventing these issues.
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