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Conference Handouts

Please note that handouts are not available for every session. Those made available by the speakers are provided below. All content was created and is owned by the authors listed. These handouts are not Labor & Industry publications.
If an alternative version is needed, please request a copy from:
Bureau of Workers' Compensation
1171 S. Cameron St., Room 324-A
Harrisburg, PA 17104-2501

Breakout Sessions

A Healthy Dose of Pain Mgmt - Dr. Bednarz (PDF) Road to Recovery - B. Dively (PDF)
Basic WC Law, Part 1 (PDF) Road to Recovery - Dr. Horchos (PDF)
Basic WC Law, Part 2 - LIBC-772 - Flow of a Claim (PDF) Road to Recovery - Dr. Moss (PDF)
Basic WC Law, Part 2, LIBC-100 Brochure (PDF) Social Media I Know What You Did (PowerPoint)
Cover Me! Insurance Options (PDF) Social Media, Part 2 - Tips Sheet (PDF)
Employers Unplugged (PDF) Social Media, Part 2 (PDF)
Fee Review - Dollars, Dates & Determinations, Part 1 (PDF) The History Channel - Late Night with Judge Torrey (PDF)
Fee Review - Dollars, Dates & Determinations, Part 2 (PDF) The WC Research Institute - B. Hockman (PDF)
Gameplan for Living (PDF) The WC Research Institute - R. Victor (PDF)
How WC Relates to Employment Law (PDF) The WC Research Institute - T. Wisecarver(PDF)
KCPA Conference PowerPoint-Final (PDF) Then and Now - 100 Years of Alternative Treatments for Pain Management - Dr Frank (PDF)
Keynote Address - WC Can the State System Survive (PDF) Then and Now - 100 Years of Alternative Treatments for Pain Management - Dr Wiederholz (PDF)
Legal Hurdles & Defenses (PDF) Top 10 Litigation Dos and Dont's (PDF)
Legal Updates 2015 (PDF) Vocational Rehabilitation & Earning Power Past and Present (PDF)
Prevention Return to Work Strategies - Roadmap to Success - Cindy Boff (PDF) When is a WC Injury not a WC Injury - The Impact of Tooey (PDF)
Putting the Applicant to the Test Pre-Eployment Testing (PDF)  


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