Reproduction Instructions

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Forms

These instructions must be followed exactly when reproducing your forms. The Bureau of Workers' Compensation will return forms to those who fail to conform to these instructions. Forms returned for this reason will not be considered filed, which will delay forms processing.


Everything printed in red on an OCR form "drops out" when the form is machine read. To assure "drop out," red ink must be used. Use 20 lb. white paper, non-glossy, bright white. Reproduction on a lithographic press or a laser printer is required.


It is essential that these forms be reproduced exactly like the sample with special attention to the spacing. Acquisition and use of the forms on soft copy will enable correct spacing.


You can access the forms from the Internet and provide the file(s) to your printing company, or your printing company can access them directly. These files are provided for your convenience only. The software that you import these files into, and/or other factors, may determine the accuracy of the final product. If you have any questions regarding obtaining the soft copy of the form file(s) from the Internet, call the Bureau Helpline at the number listed below.


The Bureau requires you to submit 5 copies of your forms, produced on the printer that will be used for "live" forms production, with sample data (not actual case information) for testing to assure accuracy of the format. We have established a Post Office Box for you to send forms for testing. That address is:
Bureau of Workers' Compensation
PO Box 15121
Harrisburg, PA 17105-5121
Please note that beginning June 1, 2009, forms should be submitted to the following address:
Bureau of Workers' Compensation
Attn: Administrative Operations Manager
Room 114
1171 S Cameron St
Harrisburg, PA 17104-2501
Please allow approximately two weeks for the testing process results to be returned to you.


Within Pennsylvania, toll free at 1-800-482-2383.
Outside Pennsylvania and local calls, 717-772-4447
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