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Workers' Compensation is an employer-financed, no-fault insurance that compensates employees who have been disabled due to a work-related injury or disease. The passage of Act 44, Workers' Compensation Reform Act of 1993, and Act 57, Reform Act of 1996, have led to major reductions in employer insurance rates while encouraging employers to provide safer working environments.
The Department of Labor and Industry, through the Bureau of Workers' Compensation, is responsible for the administration and maintenance of this program. Following is a list of publications (laws, regulations, newsletters, and reports) designed to provide Pennsylvania's employers with information regarding their rights and duties under PA's worker's compensation program.
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L&I Form
WC Act  
2014 Medical Access Study Executive Overview  
Procedures for Completing an Application for Fee Review
Brochure: Workers' Compensation and the Injured Worker
Brochure: La Compensación de los Trabajadores Lesionados
Employers' Guide to Self-Insuring Workers' Compensation
PA Workers' Compensation Employer Information
State-Certified Workplace Safety Committee Program
Workers' Compensation Annual Reports
Workplace Safety Committee Technical Assistance Manual  
News & Notes - Fall/Winter 2011  
News & Notes - Winter 2012  
News & Notes - Spring 2012  
News & Notes - Fall/Winter 2013-2014  
News & Notes - Spring 2014  
News & Notes - Summer 2014  
News & Notes - Fall 2014  
News & Notes - Winter 2014-2015  
News & Notes - Spring 2015  
News & Notes - Summer 2015  
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