Non-OSHA Covered Employers

Non-OSHA covered employers (including public sector employers) are required to:
  • Post a Workplace Notice, which lists employee rights under the law.

  • Complete and post a Hazardous Substance Survey Form (HSSF) annually, by April 1 of each year, and provide it to the Department of Labor and Industry, upon request.

  • Collect and maintain a file of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs). The MSDSs give detailed information on each hazardous substance in the workplace. MSDSs must be made available to employees without intervention of a supervisor.

  • Complete an Environmental Hazard Survey Form (EHSF), if requested by the Department, and make it available to employees.

  • Label all containers and ports of pipelines containing hazardous substances or hazardous mixtures in the workplace.

  • Label workplace containers and ports of pipelines containing any chemical.
Provide copies of the HSSF, EHSF, and MSDSs to local emergency response organizations, upon request.
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