Preparedness Tips for Businesses


Pennsylvania’s businesses, both large and small, have a critical role to play in the protection of our Commonwealth’s citizens before, during and after a public health emergency.  Taking steps now to prepare your business for a disaster will ensure that your employees are safe, your business will survive and our economy will stay strong.


It is important for businesses to make emergency plans and communicate those plans to their employees and community. When employees and their families understand emergency plans before a crisis occurs, trust and cooperation will increase and an emergency response will go smoother.


Businesses should consider the following steps to begin emergency preparations.

  • Know what kind of emergencies could affect your business.
  • Develop a continuity plan. Know which staff, equipment and procedures are necessary to continue necessary operations, and have a back up plan.
  • Have a plan for building evacuation and shelter-in-place.
  • Educate employees about emergency procedures and their crisis responsibilities.
  • Practice emergency plans with employees, partners and the community.
  • Review and fully understand your company’s insurance coverage.
  • Enhance the security of your building, equipment and information systems.
  • Promote family and individual preparedness.


Please visit the following links for more information on emergency preparedness for businesses.


READYBusiness – Developed The U.S. Department of Homeland Security exclusively for the emergency preparedness needs of businesses. This site contains extensive, easy-to-use information and downloads for developing emergency plans, involving employees in planning, and protecting financial interests.


The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has an extensive list of resources on business emergency management planning, facility protection and building security, emergency contacts and other information.


PEMA Disaster Preparedness Planning Guide for Facilities provides a comprehensive overview of developing a facility disaster plan with special considerations for specific hazards.


Emergency Management Guide for Business and Industry (PDF)