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Welcome to Health e-stats. Vol. 3-2012 Sept. 19, 2012

Health e-stats is produced by the Bureau of Health Statistics and Research in order to keep data users informed about updates to the Health Statistics Web pages.

3rd Quarter 2012 of Statistical News is now available online!

Inside this issue you will find the following articles:

  • A Review of Child Births in Pennsylvania;
  • A Look at Digestive System Cancers;
  • Pregnancies Still Declining in Pennsylvania; and
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentives Program.

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Web Updates

An Analysis of Cancer Incidence in Pennsylvania Counties, 2005-2009 - This report contains numbers for observed and expected cancer cases for 23 primary sites by county and sex.

County Health Profiles, 2012 – The 2012 County Health Profiles are a series of 68 individual data listings – one for each county and one for Pennsylvania.

EpiQMS – The birth dataset within our interactive health statistics web tool, Epidemiologic Query and Mapping System, has been updated with 2010 data.

Healthy People 2010 – Final Review – This report displays the progress that Pennsylvania achieved in meeting the 2010 goals for objectives where Pennsylvania data were available. The review is based on the archived, state-level HP2010 report.

Maternal and Child Health Status Indicators, 2010 – Available are 29 reports (28 municipalities and Pennsylvania) with statistics on deaths among children, infant deaths, child poverty and birth data.

Minority Health Disparities - This series of reports focuses on significant differences among whites compared to blacks, Asians/Pacific Islanders and Hispanics for select health topics. An update is now available for the Maternal and Infant Health Report.

Pennsylvania Vital Statistics, 2010 – This report contains numerous data tables of vital statistics (births, deaths, population, induced abortions, reported pregnancies) for the state, counties, and 28 selected municipalities.

Preliminary 2011 Birth Statistics – Preliminary Pennsylvania resident births by month for the state; all 67 counties; and all cities, boroughs and townships within each county. This also includes preliminary Pennsylvania occurrence births by month.

Preliminary 2011 Death Statistics – Preliminary Pennsylvania resident deaths by month for the state; all 67 counties; and all cities, boroughs and townships within each county. This also includes preliminary Pennsylvania occurrence deaths by month.

Vital Statistics for Pennsylvania, 1906-2010 – Vital statistics provided as far back as 1906, the first year statewide figures were collected. These data include: population, births, infant deaths, induced abortions and deaths.



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