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  • The Commonwealth and the PEBTF are promoting the health of employees by making influenza vaccine available to current employees at no cost.

  • There is on-line access to important information regarding influenza vaccine and the registration process.

  • To register on-line for the influenza vaccination, employees must complete the Commonwealth Employee Adult Influenza Vaccine Record form and answer three screening questions.

  • As part of registration, employees will indicate their choice of a vaccination administration site. All efforts will be made to accommodate the employee's requested site, but it cannot be guaranteed.

  • Employees will receive confirmation of their registration.

  • In October 2008, employees will be informed of the assigned site, date and time for their vaccine administration. The employee's Agency or Field Flu Vaccine Coordinator contact information will be included.

  • Pending availability, vaccine will be administered October 14 through October 31, 2008.

  • Prior to reporting to their assigned vaccination site, the employee must print their Commonwealth Employee Adult Influenza Vaccine Record, bring it with them to their appointment and sign it in front of staff at the site.

  • If the employee is ill when scheduled for vaccination, they may reschedule through their Agency or Field Flu Vaccine Coordinator.

  • Following completion of the State Employee Influenza Vaccine Program for 2008, the electronic registration site and the information it contains will be purged from the website.
When Reporting For The Influenza Vaccination - EMPLOYEES MUST:
  • Bring their Commonwealth Employee Adult Influenza Vaccine Record

  • Arrive at the designated site on time

  • Wear a shirt/blouse with a sleeve that can be pulled up to their shoulder

  • Notify their Agency or Field Flu Vaccine Coordinator prior to the vaccination day, if special accommodations are needed
County and Field Flu Vaccine Coordinator Lists
All plans are contingent upon availability and timely delivery of vaccine.