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Defined as a disease which causes chronic inflammation of the bronchial tubes which in turn causes swelling and narrowing of the airways.  Include chronic inflammatory disease of the airways (reactive airway disease), and exercise induced asthma.


A student counted under this section should have documentation (e.g. primary care provider notification, updated health history/physical exam form, medication order, formalized medically necessary plan of care) regarding the condition in his/her school health record.  NOT TO BE INCLUDED are students with diagnoses for conditions that have been corrected or “cured” due to growth and development or medical intervention. 




     2008 - 2009

     2007 - 2008

     2006 - 2007 

     2005 - 2006


Older data reports are available upon request from the Division of School Health.


DISCLAIMER:  Data is reported annually to the Department of Health by school districts, comprehensive vocational-technical schools, and charter schools.  Responsibility for data accuracy lies with these individual school entities. The Department specifically disclaims responsibility for any analyses, interpretations or conclusions made by the user.