Diabetes, Type 1 (previously known as juvenile-onset diabetes) is defined as a disorder characterized by lack of insulin production in the pancreas.
Diabetes, Type 2 (previously known as Adult-onset Diabetes) is defined as a disorder characterized by the pancreas’ inability to produce sufficient insulin or the body’s inability to utilize insulin efficiently.


A student counted under this section should have documentation (e.g. primary care provider notification, updated health history/physical exam form, medication order, formalized medically necessary plan of care) regarding the condition in his/her school health record.  NOT TO BE INCLUDED are students with diagnoses for conditions that have been corrected or “cured” due to growth and development or medical intervention.  



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Older data reports are available upon request from the Division of School Health.       

DISCLAIMER:  Data is reported annually to the Department of Health by school districts, comprehensive vocational-technical schools, and charter schools.  Responsibility for data accuracy lies with these individual school entities. The Department specifically disclaims responsibility for any analyses, interpretations or conclusions made by the user.