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        Growth Screens & 
   BMI-for-Age Percentile
This report documents 1) the total number of students in grades K-6 and grades 7-12 respectively, in public and private/non-public schools combined, who were weighed, measured, and for whom Body Mass Index (BMI) and BMI-for-Age Percentile was calculated, and 2) the number and percentage of these students who ranked in one of four percentile ranges. Reports are submitted by school districts, charter schools, and comprehensive vocational-technical schools; data is presented by health district and by county.  

Note:  BMI screenings were mandatory for grades K-4 in school year 2005-06, mandatory for grades K-8 in school year 2006-07, and mandatory for grades K-12 in school year 2007-08 and beyond; however, many educational entities performed the growth screen and calculated the BMI-for-Age Percentile for students in additional grades for each school year prior to school year 2007-08.

  • BMI < 5th Percentile:  At risk for underweight
  • BMI 5th to 85th Percentile:  Healthy weight
  • BMI > 85th to < 95th Percentile:  Overweight (formerly At-Risk-for-Overweight)
  • BMI > or = to 95th Percentile:  Obese (formerly Overweight)



    2010 - 2011 

    2009 - 2010

     2008 - 2009

     2007 - 2008 

     2006 - 2007  


DISCLAIMER:  Data is reported annually to the Department of Health by school districts, comprehensive vocational-technical schools, and charter schools.  Responsibility for data accuracy lies with these individual school entities. The Department specifically disclaims responsibility for any analyses, interpretations or conclusions made by the user.