Disciplinary and corrective measures are imposed by the Department of Health under the Emergency Medical Services Act (EMS Act). Additions will be posted periodically. Please note the names of persons listed may be the same or similar to the names of persons who have not had discipline or corrective measures imposed upon them.

Each entry includes the name of the individual or organization (person) against whom the discipline or corrective measure was imposed; the person’s certification, license, or other identification number issued under the EMS Act (if any); the statutory basis for such action; a brief description of the discipline or corrective measure imposed and the type of certification, license or other authorization impacted; and the effective date of the order.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the following information is correct, however, the information is summarized and is not an official record. Also, the information is not designed to describe a person’s current status under the EMS Act.

No entry is made for a person who applied for a license, certification or other authorization under the EMS Act, and whose application was denied, unless that denial was administratively appealed and affirmed on appeal or the appeal resulted in the application being granted subject to conditions. Also, some entries identify a person who applied for a certification and who was given the opportunity to secure a certification subject to certain conditions, but who has not secured a certification because the person has not met the conditions to qualify for the certification.

Also, pursuant to the terms of the discipline, some of the suspensions identified may not have been actively served or served for less than the full term of the suspension. This is because terms of probation may have been offered as a condition for staying or lifting the suspension. When probation is offered terms for beginning the probationary period may or may not have been satisfied and, if probation was commenced, it may or may not have been successfully completed. That type of information does not appear for an entry, but can be obtained by contacting the Bureau of EMS.