Subject: Patient Care Report Standards

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Data Submissions


Pennsylvania EMS agencies are required to use a Pennsylvania approved, national EMS information system (NEMSIS)standard vendor using version 2.2.1 for submission of patient care reports (PCR) to the Pennsylvania regional emergency medical services council (Region) responsible for the area where the ambulance is based.  Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (Bureau) will maintain a list of Pennsylvania approved PCR vendors on this Web page.


The following information is available for download at the bottom of this website:


1.    Current drug list within the commonwealth;

2.    List of receiving hospitals within the commonwealth;

3.    Tables that contain valid Federal information processing systems (FIPS) codes for Pennsylvania;

4.    List of NEMSIS elements that are to be sent to the Pennsylvania Department of Health;

5.    Current XSD file for Pennsylvania data;

6.    Pennsylvania version of the NEMSIS Data Dictionary;

7.    Current list of Pennsylvania approved PCR vendors;

8.    PA Bulletin Announcement; and

9.    Changes to data tables – excel spreadsheet.



Any new software vendor who seeks Pennsylvania approval to provide EMS data submission will need to meet the standards as outlined within the current NEMSIS 2.2.1 dataset documents, and must provide the Bureau with assurances that they will upgrade their software as additional information is provided. (See PA Bulletin Announcement for guidelines.)


For questions or problems, please contact Cathy Curley, Program Analyst, at or by phone at 717-787-8740.




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