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  1. Purpose

The Department of Health (DOH) is designated as the lead agency under Act 1 of 2010 for the management of the Compulsive and Problem Gambling Program. The Department is tasked with providing programs for public education, awareness and training regarding compulsive and problem gambling; as well as the treatment and prevention of compulsive and problem gambling.  As such, the Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs (BDAP) is providing mini-grants to qualified individuals and agencies for the purpose of increasing public awareness about problem and compulsive gambling.  The mini-grants are intended to facilitate a means by which individuals and agencies can educate their local community on issues related to problem and compulsive gambling.  The primary objectives are to establish and enhance collaborative relationships and increase awareness and knowledge in the area of problem and compulsive gambling; work collaboratively on system-wide efforts to increase referral and engagement into treatment for problem gambling; and implement activities directed toward changing individual and community norms regarding problem gambling behaviors.


  1. Eligibility Requirements

Eligible applicants are Pennsylvania organizations or individuals with a Federal Tax ID number.  Individual applicants may utilize their social security number if they are a private provider.  All grant applicants must include a copy of their most recent "Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification W-9 Form" with their application.  http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf


Eligible applicants will be required to be enrolled in the Systems, Applications and Products ( SAP ) system and receive a SAP Vendor Number.  To receive a SAP Vendor Number applicants must apply with the Central Vendor Management Unit (CVMU) at www.vendorregistration.state.pa.us or by calling 1-877-435-7363.  Payment of expenses will not occur without the applicant being enrolled in the SAP system. Payment of expenses is contingent upon enrollment in the SAP system.


  1. Application Timeline

Completed applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the fiscal year (July 1-June 30).  An applicant can apply for one or more grants per fiscal year up to a total of $5000.  Applications will be reviewed and successful grantees will be notified by letter and email.  All grant activities must be completed prior to the end of the fiscal year in which the grant was awarded.  Applications must be received no later than 60 days prior to the proposed event or activity.


 D. Award Determination


All mini-grant awards are contingent on the availability of funds through the Compulsive and Problem Gambling Treatment Fund and BDAP approval.  Applications will be processed on a first come first serve basis.


  1. Invoices

All receipts must accompany the general invoice "download final invoice"


or it will not be approved.  Include the list of proposed payable items with the individual item costs on program letterhead and submit to the Director, Division of Treatment as soon as the proposed activity or service has been completed.  BDAP will only reimburse for actual approved costs incurred.

    1. For rental of facilities (fire halls, churches, etc.) provide either a receipt or copy of a cancelled check.
    2. Travel expenses will only be reimbursed in accordance with the requirements of Commonwealth Management Directive 230.10


      Ineligible Costs 

      The following costs are not eligible for reimbursement under the mini-grant program:

            1. New construction or capital expenses

            2. Staffing for existing services

            3. Direct cash payment to recipients of services

            4. Alcohol served at any type of event or activity

            5. Reimbursement of any treatment services

            6. Reimbursement of current employer/employee for time spent on this project

            7. Office equipment

            8. Purchase of giveaway items such as gift cards, gift baskets, gift surprises, 


9. Advertising for individual Problem Gambling Treatment Providers


  1. Final Report

A detailed final report must be submitted to BDAP by the required deadline as established by BDAP.  The final report should include a summary of funded activities including an assessment of the impact.  Please include a measurement related to how your presentation has reached the public, such as the number of persons who attended your event, how many pamphlets (handouts, booklets, etc) were distributed, how many responses you have had, etc.   Failure to submit a final report on time could make the applicant ineligible for future mini-grant funding.  If a final report is not submitted, BDAP will withhold payment of invoices.


  1. Submission of Application 

          Mini-Grant Application Checklist


Applications must be received no later than 60 days prior to the proposed event or activity.



All applications must be mailed to:

Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs

Attn: Director, Division of Treatment

02 Kline Plaza

Harrisburg , PA 17104


No faxed or email applications will be accepted.


Any questions on this application process should be directed to BDAP at 717-783-8200.     


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