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Pennsylvania Advisory Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse

2012 Meeting Schedule     

July 25, 2012                                       1:00 PM – 3:00/3:30 PM               
Blue Mountain and Dauphin Rooms 

September 12, 2012                         1:00 PM – 3:00/3:30 PM               
Blue Mountain and Dauphin Rooms
November 7, 2012                             1:00 PM – 3:00/3:30 PM               
Blue Mountain and Dauphin Rooms 

All meetings will be held at the Giant Food Store – Blue Mountain Commons, 2 nd Floor Meeting Rooms (enter at the Marketplace Cafe and take the stairs or elevator to the second floor);  2300 Linglestown Road;  Harrisburg, PA  17110 (Phone: 717-545-0589)


Alcohol and Energy Drinks

With the growing use of combined alcohol and energy drinks and the increased media attention to this issue following several related hospitalizations in recent weeks, a number of institutions asked Outside the Classroom for assistance in addressing this challenge. In response, they developed resources and guidelines for campus prevention professionals to take a proactive stance to reduce the dangers of combined alcohol and energy drinks, which can be found at http://www.outsidetheclassroom.com/community/tools-resources/alcohol-and-energy-drinks.aspx.

Four Loko Fact Sheet


The possession, use and sale of all chemical substances
contained in “bath salts” as well as synthetic marijuana
and other synthetic drugs including 2C-E and salvia are
banned in Pennsylvania under Senate Bill 1006, which
was signed into law by Governor Corbett on June 23, 2011.
A link to the legislation can be found by clicking here.   

Bath salts, which have nothing to do with baths or spas,
are designer drugs with an effect on users comparable
to cocaine or methamphetamine.  The substance had been
legally sold in some tobacco shops and other specialty stores. 
Users sometime experience agitation, paranoia, and
hallucinations and often commit violent acts.

Bath Salts Fact Sheet

A recent newspaper article discussed new products that are being developed to replace those that have been banned.

For a link to the article, click below:



The Access to Recovery program (ATR) is a new, federally funded grant initiative in Pennsylvania that will provide uninsured or underinsured adults with alcohol or other drug challenges an array of options and choices to obtain clinical and enhanced recovery support services through a voucher program.  Pennsylvania’s ATR program will be initiated in Philadelphia County and will be funded for a period of four years. Over the course of the 4 years, the initiative is projected to serve a total of 10,705 people.  Hallmarks of the program are individual choice and increased access to enhanced recovery support services through the development of a network of community and faith-based service providers.

For additional information, click on link above.


ATR Individual Brochure

ATR Provider Information Brochure