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The Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs (BDAP), Division of Program Monitoring, has the primary responsibility to oversee that the Single County Authorities (SCAs) adhere to grant agreement requirements and carry out their administrative functions effectively in order to assure the timely access to, and the provision of, a quality service delivery system, as well as efficiently manage all available resources at the local level. The Division conducts annual Quality Assurance Assessments (QAAs) of the SCAs. The QAA process is designed to assess the SCAs administratively, fiscally, and programmatically.

Administratively, the review consists of the following major elements: service coordination contracts with funded organizations, continuum of care verification, community representation on the local advisory council, personnel structure of the SCA, insurance coverage and fiscal structure, timeliness of required reports, subcontractor work statements and the performance monitoring of the providers of service. Internal fiscal reviews by BDAP’s Fiscal Section occur throughout the fiscal year and provide a close inspection of fiscal reports and budget information associated with Department dollars.

Programmatically, the QAA process ensures that the local drug and alcohol service delivery system is a quality system, with particular emphasis on client confidentiality; timely access for emergent care needs, assessment and treatment services; the appropriate utilization of the Pennsylvania Client Placement Criteria (PCPC) for level of care determinations, continuing stay reviews and discharge planning; the availability of case management services; a quality review of performance-based prevention activities; and, the implementation of Federal Block Grant requirements.