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The Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs (BDAP), Division of Prevention, has the primary responsibility to provide for the development, oversight and management of substance abuse prevention services throughout Pennsylvania. The Division of Prevention strives to increase the effectiveness of implemented services through evidence-based programs and state approved effective programs and strategies.  The nationally recognized Performance-Based Prevention System (PBPS) allows for efficient oversight and evaluation of services, as well as, management of prevention data. The major focus is to reduce risk factors associated with substance use and promote the development of healthy lifestyles that positively impact individuals and communities.

BDAP funds prevention efforts through grant agreements with Single County Authorities (SCAs) across the Commonwealth.  SCAs are required to utilize all six Federal Strategies and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Prevention Classifications within the Strategic Prevention Framework model to ensure the delivery of single and recurring prevention services.

All SCA funded prevention services must be outlined in the SCA’s Comprehensive Strategic Plan to include the funding sources used to support the program services.  All SCA funded prevention services must be reported in PBPS regardless of the funding source. Those funding or delivering drug and alcohol prevention services shall work with their local SCA to assure that their prevention activities fit the local strategic plan.  All data collected on these services must be reported to the local SCA and BDAP.