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Pennsylvania Advisory Council On Drug and Alcohol Abuse

The Pennsylvania Drug and Alcohol Abuse Control Act was promulgated on April 14,1972, creating the Governor’s Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse. The Executive Director of the Council and staff were organizationally located in the Governor’s Office. Council members appointed by the Governor, were responsible for the review and approval of the work products of the Director’s staff. In 1981, the Council was transferred to the Department of Health (Reorganization Plan No. 4 of 1981) (71 P.S. 759-4) and renamed the Pennsylvania Advisory Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse. As it is presently written, the Act 63 of 1972 (PDF)   requires that the Council be composed of the Secretary of Health, or his designee, and eight other members who shall be appointed by the Governor. The Council is responsible for advising the Department of Health on drug and alcohol issues. 

Council Chair:

Eli N. Avila, MD, JD, MPH, FCLM, Secretary of Health

Council Members:

Mr. Carmen F. Ambrosino

Ms. Marlene E. Burks

George W.
Dowdall, Ph.D.

Mr. Carlos E. Graupera

Mr. Dickie Noles

Kenneth S. Ramsey, Ph.D.

Ms. Bonnie S. Summers

Steven Saul, MA CAC, CCDP, LPC


Membership Application

If you are interested in submitting your name for consideration as a Council Member, please see additional information below:

Responsibilities & Requirements:

  • Council Members are advisors to the Governor, the Secretary of Health and BDAP regarding Drug and Alcohol Issues.
  • Active participation and attendance is critical at all meetings held in Harrisburg.
  • Membership requires additional meetings and time commitments outside of the regularly scheduled council meetings
  • Some travel/ other expenses are compensated.

If you are interested in being considered as an Advisory Council Member, please forward a letter of interest and resume (include Salutation, First and Last Name, Address, Daytime & Home Telephone, Email, County of Residence, Date of Submission) to the address below:

Bureau of Drug & Alcohol Programs
Att: Drug and Alcohol Advisory Council Membership
02 Kline Plaza
Harrisburg, PA 17104

Applicant's resumes will be reviewed on an as needed basis as vacancies occur. We will contact potential candidates if recommended for Council Membership.