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Asthma Publications

The 2012 State Asthma Plan is a comprehensive state plan to reduce the burden of asthma in PennsylvaniaThe plan lays out recommendations for action that can be used by local, regional and statewide programs and institutions in a coordinated effort to implement asthma interventions on local, regional and statewide basis.

2013 Asthma Disparities Report: The main purpose of this report is to provide a broad picture of the health disparities and social determinants of health in reference to asthma. This report begins with an introduction and brief description of asthma, two success stories of what we have done that seems to work, socioeconomic and demographic profiles in Pennsylvania, including information on population characteristics such as sex, age groups, geographic location (city/town and county), education, poverty level, health insurance status and household income.

Pennsylvania Asthma Action Plan 2006

 For additional resources and publications related to asthma, please visit: http://paasthma.org/home