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Diabetes Prevention & Control Program

Diabetes Prevention & Control Program


The Pennsylvania Diabetes Prevention & Control Program is an integral part of the Pennsylvania Department of Health.  The program strives to reduce the burden of diabetes in Pennsylvania and improve the quality of life of those Pennsylvanians having diabetes by preventing and controlling its complications.  Funding received from federal and state sources ensure that program activities are focused on: 

  • Creating partnerships with communities, providers, health care systems, worksites and schools to effectively address diabetes.
  • Supporting professional education through training programs, information dissemination, and collaboration with professional organizations and other community partners and contractors. 
  • Working with stakeholders from across the state who are members of the Pennsylvania Diabetes Action Partnership listserv to decrease the burden of diabetes across the Commonwealth.
  • Promoting and funding culturally appropriate strategies to target disparate populations.
  • Collecting data on vital statistics (birth rates, death rates, and others), from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey, the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council (hospital admissions and discharges), and other sources to guide program planning and direction.