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PA's Influenza Pandemic Response Plan (IPRP)    
The purpose of the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s (Department) Influenza Pandemic Response Plan (IPRP) is to provide a framework, methodology and recommendations for pandemic preparedness actions at the federal, state and local levels.  To view the Plan or Executive Summary of the plan you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Plan is downloadable below:

Executive Summary (PDF)

Attachment A  Department of Health’s Organizational Chart (PDF)
Attachment B  Statutory Authority (PDF)
Attachment C  Pandemic Alert & Pandemic Period Flow Chart (PDF)
Attachment D  Interim Guidance for the Implementation of CDC and OSHA Avian Influenza Public Health Recommendations (PDF)
Attachment E  Bureau of Epidemiology Response Tasks (PDF)
Attachment F  Influenza Testing at the Bureau of Laboratories (PDF)
Attachment G  Emergency Medical Services Emergency Response Plan (PDF)
Attachment H  Points of Dispensing (POD) Template Plan (PDF)
Attachment I  Emergency Medical Services Infection Control Guidelines (PDF)
Attachment J  Command Center Organizational Chart (PDF)
Attachment K  Notice to Assist Pennsylvania Hospitals to Accommodate Increased Inpatient Demands Related to Influenza 2004-05 (PDF)

Attachment L  Priority Vaccination Distribution (PDF)
Attachment M  Priority Antiviral Distribution (PDF)
Attachment N  Communications Chain of Command (PDF)

Attachment O  Communication Strategies (PDF)

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