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Transition Health Care Checklist:  Transition to Adult Living in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Department of Health and their community partners recognized a gap in health services for youth with special health care needs.  When these youth leave school, they transition from having different or no insurance coverage, from seeing pediatric specialists to searching for adult medical specialists, and from good coverage for medications to having to understand new systems for obtaining medicines.  Working with the Pennsylvania Community on Transition State Leadership Team, agencies, and families, the Transition Health Care Checklist: Transition to Adult Living in Pennsylvania (modifiable PDF) was created to guide youth, families, and professionals during this time of change.  To view the Text version, click here.  To view the Spanish version (PDF), click here.  NOTE:   Since the publication of the Checklist, several changes have occured that require an update to the document.  Please review/print the Update that describes these changes and keep it with the Checklist for future reference. 

If you are unable to download a copy, you may obtain one by contacting the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Family Health Nursing Services Consultants: Special Health Care Needs Consultants in your community or calling toll free 1-877-986-4550 or TTY 1-877-986-5432.

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