Frequently Asked Questions 

What does the Chronic Renal Disease Program (CRDP) cover?

The CRDP assists with costs related to End Stage Renal Disease for those persons on kidney dialysis or transplantation:

  • dialysis services
  • renal transplantation
  • medical management
  • inpatient and outpatient service
  • home dialysis supplies and equipment
  • medications
  • limited patient transportation

How do I enroll?

Print and fill out the Enrollment Application and mail it to Pennsylvania Department of Health, Eligibility Unit, P.O.Box 8811 Harrisburg, PA 17105-8811. You may ask your Renal Social Worker to help you complete the form.

What is reportable income?

  • Total Previous Year's Gross Social Security and SSI Income (Medicare Premiums Included)
  • Total Previous Year's Gross Pension, VA and Railroad Retirement Benefits and Taxable Portion of IRA's and annuities
  • Total Previous Year's Salary, Wages, Bonuses, Commissions, Income from Slept Parnership
  • Total Previous Year's Interest, Dividends, Capital Gains, Prizes
  • Total Previous Year's Rental Income
  • Total Previous Year's Other Income, DPW Cash Assistance, Unemployment or Workers' Compensation, Alimony, Support Money, Gifts totaling more than $300, Death Benefits Payments Exceeding $5,000 per person.

What is non-reportable income?

  • Black or White Lung Benefits
  • First $5,000 in Death Benefit Payments
  • Non-cash relief, including Food Stamps, and 504 Loan and Grant Program
  • Property Tax/Rent Rebate payments
  • Amounts awarded for Civil Suits or Settlement Agreements, due to Personal Injuries
  • LIHEAP Payments
  • Gifts totalling $300 or less
  • Refunds from Income Tax

Is there a cost to me? Co-Payment?

  • Cardholders may have a patient share of cost (0 - $550) based on income
  • There is a co-payment of $6 for generic medication and $9 for brand name medications

Federal Poverty Guidelines  

Your income must fall between 0% and 300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.


  • Currently on Dialysis or Received a Renal Transplant
  • Must be within 0% - 300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (effective 2/2006)
  • Must be in End Stage Renal Disease
  • Must be a US Citizen or Legal Alien
  • Must be a resident of PA for at least 90 days - or show intent to be a PA resident

What if I have health insurance/Medicare benefits?

You may be eligible with other medical benefits, however, CRDP is payor of last resort, all insurance options must be exhausted first.

Eligibility Coverage Period

A cardholder is eligible for one year of coverage, and must renew annually.  The Department will mail you a re-enrollment form 6 weeks before your coverage will end.

How do I Apply for Transportation?

You must be an active member of the CRDP Program before you can apply.  Please be advised, the transportation assistance is limited and you must meet the eligibility guidelines detailed on the application in order to receive the benefits.  Print and complete the transportation form and send to BFH CRDP Transportation, 625 Forster Street, Health and Welfare Building, 7th Floor, East Wing, Harrisburg, PA 17120.  Your social worker will also have access to this application to help you with this process.

Medicare Part D (Medicare Drug Discount Progam) and CRDP   

You will not lose your CRDP benefits by being enrolled in Medicare Part D.  CRDP will pay your Medicare Part D premium for you.  In addition, you will still pay your CRDP co-payment of $6 or $9 for medications currently on the CRDP formulary.

Vacation or Emergency Supplies

CRDP does not provide for vacation or emergency supplies, medications or dialysis services which are rendered outside Pennsylvania.  If you leave Pennsylvania, you are responsible for notifying CRDP of your departure and return dates. 

Medication Supply 

Your pharmacist may dispense a 30-day supply or 100 capsules or tablets per prescription, whichever is less.  Seventy-five percent (75%) of the medication must be used before the prescription can be refilled. 


CRDP reimburses up to five (5) refills on a prescription or a six (6) month supply, whichever occurs first. 

Is this Drug Covered?  

Please call First Health at 1-800-835-4080, or refer to the CRDP Drug Formulary.

Key Contacts

  • Eligibility and Enrollment  - Call 800-225-7223 for status on your application/reapplication.
  • Provider Inquiry/Utilization Review - Call 800-835-4080 (your Pharmacist may call this number with questions).
  • Medicare - Call 800-633-4227 for any Medicare related questions.
  • Hearing Impaired - Call 800-222-9004.

What is the Status of my Invoice? 

It takes approximately 90 days to process and pay an invoice. 

I lost my CRDP card 

Please submit a letter with your signature stating the card was lost, stolen, etc.  Send letter to Attn: CRDP, 7th Floor East, Health and Welfare Building, 625 Forster Street, Harrisburg, PA 17120.  When the letter is received, a new card can be issued. 

I did not receive my new CRDP Card

Please call 717-772-2762 or fax your information (SSN, current address and phone number) to attention: CRDP at 717-772-0323. Please state that you have not received your NEW CRDP card.

I work for a facility/hospital/pharmacy that wants to become an approved provider, what do I need to do?

Dialysis centers, hospitals, transportation providers and physicians, please call 717-772-2762. Pharmaceuticals services please call First Health at 1-800-835-4080.

Who gets reimbursed for services provided?

CRDP always directly reimburses the providers or patient services (Doctors, Dialysis Facilities, transportation Providers, Pharmacies, etc., who currently have a contract with the Department). The patients do not receive any type of direct reimbursement from the Department of Health.

What is the Renal Disease Advisory Committee?

The Renal Disease Advisory Committee was established by section 4 of the Act of June 23, 1970 (P.L, 419, No. 14) (35 P.A section 6204).  The Governor appoints the members of the Committee.  The purpose of the Committee is to advise the Department in the development and standards for determining eligibility for care and treatment under the CRDP program.

Who can attend the Renal Disease Advisory Committee Meetings?

The public is welcome to attend all Renal Disease Advisory Committee (RDAC) meetings.

When are the Renal Disease Advisory Committee Meetings held?

The RDAC meetings are posted in the PA Bulletin prior to the meeting. The dates and location of the meetings are also posted on this CRDP web page.