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Outpatient Facilities > Health Care Facility Licensing

The Pennsylvania Department of Health licenses and verifies compliance with state and federal health and safety standards in supervised health care facilities as mandated by law, including hospitals, nursing homes, home health/hospice agenciescertain primary care providers , ambulatory surgical facilities and intermediate care facilities for persons with developmental disabilities. The Department conducts regular on-site surveys to assure health, safety, sanitation, fire and quality of care requirements and to identify deficiencies which may affect state licensure or eligibility for federal reimbursements under the Medicaid and Medicare programs.

An Initial Licensure or Change of Ownership (CHOW)
If you are interested in owning, licensing or operating one of the following facilities: hospitals, nursing homes, home health/hospice agencies, and birth centers click here. These  guidelines have been in effect since March 1, 2006.
For more information on hospitals, nursing homes and ambulatory surgical facilities contact our Bureau of Facility Licensure and Certification at (717)787-8015.

For more information on other health care facilities contact our Bureau of Community Program Licensure and Certification at (717)783-8665.