Northwest Region

Keith Harbaugh, Director

Serving the following Counties:Butler, Clarion, Crawford, Erie, Forest, Jefferson, Lawrence, Mercer, Venango, Warren

P.O. Box 31
Franklin, PA 16323

Open Monday - Friday
7:30AM - 4:00PM

Phone: (814) 432-3187,  (814) 432-3188

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2015 Youth Field Days
2015 Youth Field Days

Pymatuning Goose Hunt for Veterans with Disabilities
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Making a Better SGL 314: Stepping Up for Migratory Birds
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News Releases
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Seasonal Roads, Designated Routes, Snowmobile Trails and Access for Hunters with Disabilities
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Public Shooting Ranges
Public Shooting Ranges in the Northwest Region

Field Officer Reports - July 17, 2015

Butler County WCO Christopher J. Deal reports the unlawful use of ATVs is increasing. Many of his Hunter Access property owners are reporting issues with people running their quads on fields. If an individual is caught riding their quad on land without permission, they will be prosecuted.

Butler County WCO Chip L. Brunst reports complaints from farmers about crop damage by deer have gone up. The number of farms enrolled in the district's "Red Tag" program has doubled this year.

Clarion County WCO Jesse N. Bish reports that three individuals were apprehended for camping, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, damage to trees and property, and failure to comply with laws on a Hunter Access property in Clarion County.

Clarion County WCO Steven J. Ace reports he was concerned about the turkey population in his district because of the lack of poults this year. Until July 3, he had yet to see a poult; however, July 3 and 4 revealed 16 poults. He could begin seeing more and more. Reports on turkeys from hunters keep rolling in.

Crawford County WCO Randy R. Crago reports that trash was dumped on private property next to State Game Lands 202 sometime around June 18 or 19. Someone dumped carpets, tiles, and pieces from hardwood floors. Anyone with any knowledge of this offense is asked to call the Northwest Region Office.

Erie County WCO Michael J. Stutts, Jr. reports an increased number of bear sightings and complaints throughout the county. The main cause of most of the complaints are damage to beehives and birdfeeders.

Erie County WCO Darin L. Clark reports encountering numerous people using the Game Commission range on State Game Lands 109 without a current hunting license or range permit. The new license year begins July 1 and many individuals have not purchased a new license. Range permits follow the license year, and also are effective July 1. Remember a current hunting license or range permit is required to use the range.

Jefferson County WCO Roger A. Hartless reports there has been an upswing in the number of bear complaints lately. In a normal year, by mid-June, bear complaints fall off dramatically. This year it seems that day after day of rain kept bears moving around and looking for food in neighborhoods. As berries of various types ripen throughout the summer, bear activity should get back to normal.

Jefferson County WCO Michael A. Girosky reports that, after a long investigation by Special Investigator Lawrence R. Hergenroeder, three Kentucky residents were cited for hunting with Pennsylvania resident hunting licenses.

Mercer County WCO Patrick L. Cull reports that he has made multiple contacts with residents who have picked up what they thought to be abandoned wildlife. Though intentions may be good, remember it is illegal to do so and normally does not benefit the wildlife.

Warren County WCO Eric M. McBride reports that he received information concerning an individual who shot at deer from the road. Evidence was collected in the case and the investigation is ongoing.

Warren County WCO Eric M. McBride reports that bear complaints are still being addressed in the district and that nuisance-bear trapping is ongoing.

Mercer and Venango counties LMGS Mario L. Piccirilli reports his Mercer County crew has been busy maintaining water levels via control-box devices in the impoundments. With the deluge of rain this past month, both crews have been removing trees and brush from roadways due to the inclement weather.

Clarion and Jefferson counties LMGS George J. Miller reports that Jefferson County Game Lands Maintenance Worker Dale E. Kammerdeiner recently retired after 12 years of service. Miller stated that the sportsmen and wildlife were well served by his actions as the Farm Game Manager and through the habitat he helped to create. Miller added, "On behalf of Land Management Group III, we'd like to wish Dale good luck in his retirement."

Crawford and Erie counties LMGS Shayne A. Hoachlander reports illegal ATV activity on State Game Lands 155, 167 and 191. The illegal use resulted in some damage to wildlife food plots.

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