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Field Officer Reports - January 15, 2016

Tioga County WCO Steve Brussese reports that in Harrison Township, Potter County, individuals were cited after being found hunting through the use of bait. Several salt blocks, corn and apples were found on the property. Charges were also filed for two illegal bucks that were taken from the same property.

Potter County WCO Bill Ragosta reports an apparent increase in the number of trappers operating in the county and, sadly, an uptick in the number of violations. Trappers provide a public service, but it’s a little surprising to see so many trappers out given that fur prices have been down some.

Lycoming and Union counties LMO Thomas M. Smith reports a total of 108 bears were checked at the Trout Run Bear Check Station in 2015. The ratio of males to females was nearly even, with 50 males and 58 females. Seventy-seven bears were adults, and 31 were juveniles. The heaviest bear had an estimated live weight of 535 pounds.

Lycoming County WCO Harold Cole reports that, on the last day of firearms deer season, he performed a license check for a hunter in his 60s. The hunter told Cole that he did not have a license. Cole then asked the hunter why he did not have a license and the hunter stated that he didn’t need one because he was on his own property. Cole then asked how much property he owned. The hunter stated that he had a little less than five acres, but his mother had 38 acres adjoining his. Cole advised the hunter that he still needed a license to hunt. The hunter did have some old licenses with him, the most current was 2005.

McKean County WCO Skyler Gibble reports that an individual shot an antlerless deer by shooting across a road near the City of Bradford. The individual was charged with shooting on or across roadways and unlawful taking of game.

Lycoming County WCO Jonathan M. Wyant reports a good harvest of deer by hunters. Some very large bucks were taken, as well.

Clearfield County WCO Mark Gritzer reports that two elk were killed illegally in Karthaus Township, Clearfield County during the opening day of the firearms season for antlerless deer. The incident transpired near Upper Three Runs Road in Pottersdale and anyone with information is urged to contact the Game Commission at 570-398-4744. A reward will be offered to anyone that provides critical information that leads to a successful conviction of the culprit.

Clinton County WCO Kirk Miller reports that multiple individuals were cited for hunting deer through the use of bait on the first day of deer season. Charges have been filed and the individuals could face fines totaling up to $300.

Cameron County WCO Wayne A. Hunt reports successfully prosecuting an individual for unlawfully killing an 8-point buck on the opening morning of the rifle deer season. Using a motor vehicle, and alighting and shooting without any regard of what, or whom is beyond the target is not hunting. Make the call, your information can make a difference.

McKean County WCO Tom Sabolcik reports that, during the 2015 rifle deer season, he and DWCO Jeff Anderson noted that the most common violation for which hunters were cited was, again, loaded firearms in, on or against motorized vehicles.

McKean County WCO Tom Sabolcik reports this was the first hunting season for McKean County WCOs Jeff Orwig and Skyler Gibble, both of whom graduated from the Ross Leffler School of Conservation this past spring. Both had highs and lows this year and somehow managed to keep their wits. After 20 years, the only advice I can give them is “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Potter and Tioga counties Land Manager Denise Mitcheltree reports that the Food and Cover crews are busy cutting aspen timber stands to improve wildlife habitat, as well as removing invasive species such as multiflora rose and autumn olive from game lands.

Potter and Tioga counties Land Manager Denise Mitcheltree reports that she processed a very nice looking cinnamon-colored black bear during the extended bear season in Tioga County.

Elk County WCO Susan Edmiston reports that trapping violations are being encountered. Recently, a trapper in Ridgway Township reported finding another individuals beaver traps set directly on an established beaver dam, and the identification tags were illegible. The traps were seized and the owner was identified. Warnings were issued and charges were filed.

McKean County WCO Jeffrey Orwig reports that, along with the help from WCO Skyler Gibble and DWCO Howard Kane, charges were filed on two juveniles from Kane and two from Elk County for poaching deer at night.

McKean County WCO Jeffrey Orwig reports that charges were filed against a Florida resident for a loaded firearm in the vehicle, along with DUI and possession of drugs.

Tioga County WCO Robert Minnich reports he was fortunate enough to make the retirement celebration for Kevin Mountz, one of his training-school classmates. With his retirement, almost half of the class – eight of 18 – no longer are with the Game Commission. One passed away (Kevin Thompson), two transferred (Scott Thomas to the state police and Bill Vroman to the 1 Connecticut DEC), five retired (Vern Perry, Gary Sparks, Rich Lupinski, Jack Lucas, Kevin Mountz). This leaves 10 of the original 18 still active in the Game Commission.

Tioga County WCO Rodney Mee reports that he investigated three separate baiting cases on the first day of the firearms deer season. He was assisted by DWCO Ralph Youmans and netted five baiting charges and several orange violations.

Tioga County WCO Rodney Mee reports that, during an attempt to net road hunters, he, DWCO Ralph Youmans and DCNR Head Ranger Brian Caldwell set up a facsimile deer operation on Bureau of Forestry Property. During that operation, an individual from Galeton shot at the deer from the road. Officer Mee investigated further and found the shooter already had taken two antlerless deer in WMU 2G, both of which were tagged as being taken by other hunters in another WMU. The defendant faces well over $2,500 in fines.

Centre and Clinton counties WCO Dan Murray reports an individual was arrested for hunting on revocation and unlawfully killing two deer during the 2015 rifle deer season.

Lycoming County WCO Kristoffer Krebs reported that a Roaring Branch man was recently cited for one count of using a vehicle to locate game or wildlife, and one count of possessing a loaded firearm in a vehicle that was in motion.

Elk County WCO Jason Wagner reports that on the opening day of the regular firearms deer season that many successful hunters were encountered in the Quehanna and Moshannon State Forest areas. Among the hunters, several violations were detected ranging from improperly tagged deer, untagged deer and an unlawfully taken deer by a nonresident hunting with a resident license.

Potter County WCO Mark Fair reports catching an individual who used a disabled-person permit to locate and shoot a very large 10-point buck. The investigation was made easy by excellent information provided by a concerned sportsmen.

Lycoming and Union counties LMO Thomas M. Smith suggests if you heat your home with wood that you cut yourself, try using the limbs and branches you don’t use to build brushpiles that provide escape cover and snug winter homes for wildlife.

Centre County WCO Mike Steingraber reports that quite a few bears were harvested on State Game Lands 176 and its adjoining properties this past season. In fact, one lucky youth hunter harvested a nice buck and bear in the same area about a day apart! Though State Game Lands 176 gets hunted hard, it continues to produce trophy wildlife year after year.

Union County WCO Dirk Remensnyder reports that bears are staying out longer than normal this year due to the warmer weather and food supplies, which was evident when one was trapped and another killed on the road during the week of Christmas.

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