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Field Officer Reports - September 11, 2015

Centre and Clinton counties Land Manager Eric Erdman reports that, since he became a land manager, one of his objectives has been to block off access around gates on game lands in an attempt to stop ATVs and UTVs from going around them when closed. Recently, there has been a push in the opposite direction to allow wheelchair access beyond closed gates. Erdman said he was impressed with one mobile-chair design, which had tracks and looked like it would go just about anywhere. He is glad to report most of the game lands gates in Centre and Clinton counties have been upgraded for wheelchair access, but there are still a few to address.

Lycoming County WCO Harold Cole reports that, earlier in the spring, he had received calls about bears with severe cases of mange. He states that, with the help of the public, he was able to trap and treat some of the bears over about a six-week period. Unfortunately, there were also several bears that had to be put down because of the severe amount of hair loss and, more importantly, the severe loss of body weight. Most of them – literally – were bags of bones. Cole was happy to hear in late August that sightings of bears with mange appeared to have gone down. Cole states that this is great news, but reminds people that the mange mite is in the area and can still be easily spread from bear to bear.

Potter County WCO Mark Fair reports prosecuting an individual for setting leg-hold traps for groundhogs in the Borough of Coudersport. The trap inadvertently captured a bear cup and presented a dangerous situation for neighbors. The trap was set in multiple safety zones without permission from neighbors.

Lycoming County WCO Kristoffer Krebs reported that a Williamsport man recently pleaded guilty to charges stemming from an incident that occurred in April 2015. The man and a friend were operating a new BMW on closed roads within State Game Lands 252. The driver was ordered to pay a $100 fine by Magisterial District Judge Jeffrey L. Mensch in Mifflinburg.

Clearfield County WCO Mark Gritzer reports that a vehicle stop was initiated after an apparent gunshot from a truck at night. The encounter revealed the vehicle's occupants were in possession of a potato-firing spud gun and not a firearm.

Clinton County WCO Kirk Miller reports anyone with information of illegal hunting activity is asked to please contact the Game Commission's Northcentral Region Office at 570-398-4744.

Tioga County WCO Rodney Mee reports that local farmers have been having tremendous problems with bears in their corn, and deer in everything else. Mee trapped bears during the last several weeks of August in an effort to give farmers relief from the damage.

Tioga County WCO Rodney Mee reports he investigated a deer-poaching incident in Liberty Township. The violator was issued a citation for shooting at a deer out of season from his vehicle.

McKean County WCO Jeffrey Orwig reports that charges were filed against an Eldred man for dumping a large load of trash on State Game Lands 301.

McKean County WCO Jeffrey Orwig reports that charges were filed against two individuals for driving their trucks and doing extensive damage to Seneca Resources property enrolled in the Hunter Access program. Restitution will be sought for damages.

Elk County WCO Jason Wagner reports two individuals were cited for camping on State Game Lands 25. The individuals had accessed their camping area from a road closed to vehicles, and also left behind "biodegradable" wipes at a popular rock formation.

Potter and Tioga counties Land Manager Denise Mitcheltree reports that the Food and Cover crews have been busy applying lime and fertilizer to clover-covered wildlife openings within their assigned areas, as well as planting many areas in brassica mixes that include rapeseed, kale and turnips. These brassica plots are used heavily by deer after the first heavy frost causes the foliage to sweeten. These "food plots" occur on state game lands, state forest lands, Fish and Boat Commission lands, and Hunter Access properties across Potter and Tioga counties. They provide valuable wildlife foraging throughout spring, summer, fall and early winter.

Tioga County WCO Robert Minnich reports the 21st Tioga County Youth Field Day was held in late August. It was a great day, and a good time was had by all.

Centre County WCO Michael Ondik reports an individual recently pleaded guilty to riding a horse on State Game Lands 176, and failing to use an authorized trail. Additionally, another individual on the same game lands was found guilty at a hearing for riding a motorcycle on a road that was closed for maintenance. His defense: I didn't think I was doing any harm – this after admitting that he did in fact see and read the "Closed to motorized vehicles" signage that was in place.

McKean County WCO Tom Sabolcik and Deputies Jeff Anderson and Dale Thielges report picking up at least five road-killed bears during the month of August. Most were adult females. Bears are traveling more in order to feed so that they can put on enough weight to hibernate this winter.

McKean County WCO Tom Sabolcik reports that complaints are beginning to pour in concerning the unlawful use of ATVs. It seems it will be a busy season

Union County WCO Dirk Remensnyder reports that the Northcentral Region Office held a weekend-long advanced training course for 28 deputies. The deputies honed their skills in migratory waterfowl, trapping, vehicle stops, field checks and crime-scene reconstruction.

Elk County WCO Susan Edmiston reports charges were filed for the unlawful sale of a shed elk antler that was found this spring in Pennsylvania's elk range. An individual from Ridgway placed an ad on Pennswoods Classifieds offering to sell a "huge 5-point elk horn." The ad was observed by a state trooper from the Clearfield barracks and forwarded to Game Commission officers. The suspect admitted to selling the antler and identified the person to whom he sold it. The antler was seized from the purchaser. The individual who sold it pleaded guilty and was order to pay $234 in fines and court costs.

Centre County WCO Dan Murray reports Hunter-Trapper Education classes have been scheduled to be held at the Liberty Township Sportsmen's Club. If you need to enroll in a class, register soon!

Centre County WCO Dan Murray reports charges were filed on an individual who had a loaded firearm on a vehicle and who shot across a road open to public travel. The violations occurred on State Game Lands 323 in Howard Township, Centre County. The individual used the roof of his vehicle as a shooting rest while shooting at targets across the road. Several warnings were issued for game-lands violations that occurred during the same incident.

Tioga County WCO Steve Brussese reports an individual has pleaded guilty to the killing a black bear in late July. In addition to fines, he was required to pay replacement costs for the bear.

Potter County WCO Bill Ragosta reports many nice bucks have been seen recently. This time of year stirs something primeval in the hearts of all outdoorsmen and women, he said.

McKean County WCO Skyler Gibble would like to remind everyone about the dangers of handling wildlife. Many wild animals carry diseases such as rabies. It is also illegal to possess wildlife without a permit. If you come across and animal that seems in distress please call the Game Commission.

Cameron County WCO Wayne A. Hunt reports a busy month in August consisting of regular duties, as well as county fairs and legislative contacts. "There is never a slow time for WCOs," he said. "If we aren't answering incidents, or trapping bears, there's plenty of Information & Education, or Hunter Access contacts to be made.

Lycoming County WCO Jonathan M. Wyant reports seeing lots of geese around the Montoursville area. It should be a good waterfowl season.

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