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March 24, 2015: Guilty Pleas in York Couty Multi-Deer Poaching Case
November 17, 2014: Singer Wetlands Dedication
November 7, 2014: Game Commission Seeks Information on Illegal Bear
October 31, 2014: Additional Reward Offered in Perry Poaching Case

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Field Officer Reports - January 29, 2016

Adams County WCO Cory M. Ammerman reports an individual pleaded guilty after multiple charges were filed pertaining to an unlawfully taken deer. Additional charges stemming from the same incident included hunting without orange, trespass while hunting, and failure to tag a big-game animal. The individual received $1,400 in fines.

Blair County WCO William Brehun reports that an Altoona resident was cited for the unlawful attempt to take big game, hunting through the use of bait, feeding deer inside Disease Management Area 2, and failure to produce his hunting license and identification while hunting in the late archery season.

Bedford County WCO Jeremy Coughenour reports that charges are pending against a Hyndman area man for unlawfully possessing a large rack buck that was hit by a car. The buck was still alive and unlawfully shot after dark. The man admitted to then filling out a deer tag that belonged to his relative to make the deer look as though it was lawfully taken

Cumberland County WCO John Fetchkan reports that many violations involving illegal deer have been addressed this past deer season, and a few are still being investigated. Also a person who shot a bullet into a house is being sought.

Perry County WCO Kevin Anderson reported that a 51-year-old male, and a 16-year-old juvenile have pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a road-hunting incident that occurred on Nov. 14, 2015. The intoxicated adult shot at a deer after legal hunting hours through the use of a spotlight. The juvenile operated the vehicle and drove away from the scene with the vehicle lights turned off. “Upon stopping the vehicle, it was found that the adult had thrown the loaded rifle out of the vehicle’s window when he observed the emergency lights of my patrol vehicle,” Anderson said.

York County WCO Steve Knickel reports that tips he received led to the arrest of a person not to possess firearms, who also was hunting without first securing the proper license. He did not realize an officer was watching him for some time prior to attempting to make contact. The individual ran off when he noticed the officer. Upon being contacted at his home, he claimed that he was profusely sweating because he had hanging Christmas lights.

Snyder County WCO Harold Malehorn filed one citation for a person killing an antlerless deer over the limit. Another citation was filed and that person was convicted in court of tampering with the trap of another. He filed an additional citation against another individual for tampering with the trap of another and possessing a red fox illegally.

York County WCO Shawn Musser reports that an individual has been cited for killing a white-tailed deer out of season. The individual was a Maryland resident who has a camp in York County. He decided that while he was out riding on his ATV with his crossbow, he was going to kill a deer. He and several other men in the camp continued to deny anyone having killed or being in possession of a deer. It wasn’t until a small girl of about 8 years old stepped out, overhearing the conversation, stated “my uncle just killed a deer tonight”, then the stories began to change. Several citations were filed and the main violator pleaded guilty and paid over $1,300 in fines

Huntingdon County WCO Amy Nabozny reports that, with the unusually warm weather seen during much of the winter numerous people have been reporting encounters with bears. She also had been informed that at least one individual encountered a rattlesnake while lining up to start a deer drive during the rifle deer season.

Bedford County WCO Brandon Pfister reports that one person from a poaching ring has pleaded guilty to shooting five deer at night this summer. Total fines for those violation are $8,650.

Blair and Huntingdon counties LMO Chris Skipper reminds hunters that courtesy CWD dumpsters are for the disposal of high-risk parts and not garbage, some of which has been showing up in the dumpsters.

Cumberland County WCO Tim Wenrich advises the Game Commission’s enforcement is not limited to wildlife violations, even at the peak of hunting seasons. He and his deputies handled eight separate drug-related violations on Nov. 27 and 28.

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