Employment Opportunities

For more information about employment opportunities with the Department of State, contact the Human Resource Office at (717) 787-6604 or ra-stpersonnel@pa.gov.

The Department of State has over 500 positions, all of which fit into two broad categories: civil service and non-civil service. To increase your chances of employment, you are strongly encouraged to apply for both civil service and non-civil service positions. 

Civil Service Positions

In order to be considered for Civil Service positions, the applicant must complete an application for a specific job title. The applicant will then be scheduled to take a test (or for some job titles, submit a supplemental application). Applicants are placed in score order on a civil service list, which agencies may request when they have a vacancy in a Civil Service position.  To view a complete listing of Civil Service job titles, apply for a Civil Service test, or complete a Civil Service application, visit the State Civil Service Commission.


Non-Civil Service Positions

To be considered for employment in a non-civil service job title, interested applicants should apply at the Bureau of State Employment



For additional information and assistance with submitting an application, please contact Diana Weightman, Human Resource Analyst, at (717)783-9273.



The Department of State, Bureau of Enforcement and Investigation is recruiting for a Regional Director position in Scranton.  This position is responsible for managing the operations of a regional office and directing a program of investigations and inspections within a 23 county area.


This Civil Service position is located at the Scranton State Office Building at 100 Lackawanna Avenue, Room 316, Scranton, Pennsylvania at a salary range of $56,294 to $85,555. The work hours are 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.


In addition to offering a rewarding career in public service, the position also offers competitive pay and an excellent benefits package.


Applicants must have ten years of investigative experience involving the development and presentation of evidence regarding violations or alleged violations of rules and regulations, which includes two years of investigative supervisory experience; or six years experience as described including two years of investigative supervisory experience and a bachelor’s degree; or an equivalent combination of experience and training that includes two years experience supervising investigative activities.




The Department of State, Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs, State Board of Nursing, is currently recruiting for Nursing Education Advisers.

These Civil Service positions are located at 2601 North Third Street, Penn Center, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, at a salary range of $51,169 to $77,712. The work hours are 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

This position will conduct onsite reviews of nursing education programs in Pennsylvania, monitor nursing education programs, respond to inquiries regarding nursing education regulations, and analyze nursing education program materials submitted to the State Board of Nursing. The position attends regional conferences, providing for networking opportunities among other nurse regulators from other states. This position's work has an impact on the future of nursing, nursing education, and healthcare in Pennsylvania.

Successful applicants for this position will have experience as a registered nurse in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the five-year period immediately preceding appointment, including or supplemented by three years as an instructor or administrator in a nursing education program; and a Master's Degree in nursing, along with a current license as a registered nurse in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is proud to be an equal opportunity employer supporting workforce diversity.


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