Deer Chronicle

Pennsylvania’s Deer Chronicle is a bi-annual publication where information about deer and their management can be found. Challenges and debates surrounding deer and deer management are not new to Pennsylvania. Deer Chronicle provides facts and explanations of the “whys” of deer management with accurate information. Each issue explores aspects of Pennsylvania deer management, dispels gossip in the “Rumor Report”, gives historical perspective in “A Look Back”, addresses common questions in “You Don’t Say…”, presents finding from in state research in “Observations from Penn’s Woods”, and offers a broader picture in “Research Nationwide.”

See what’s in the latest issue:

Fall 2010 Deer Chronicle
In This Issue
  • Antler restrictions & success rates 
  • PGC reviews DCNR deer & forest monitoring 
  • Improving reporting rates 
  • What is the magic number 
  • Where are we headed?
  • New Record Buck 
  • The differences between bucks and does 

Fall 2009 Deer Chronicle
In This Issue
  • Public vs. Private Land Doe Harvest 
  • Cyber Harvest Reporting 
  • Reporting Marked Deer 
  • No Deer in WMU 2G? 
  • Oldest Buck in PA
  • Trap & Transfer of Deer in PA: Past & Present 
  • Fertility Control for Deer 

Summer 2009 Deer Chronicle
In This Issue
  • Deer Management Goals
  • 2009-2010 Allocations
  • Deer & Forest Health Data
  • 2008-2009 Harvest Map
  • Deer Harvest guesstimates?
  • Predators and Fawns
  • WMU's are too big
  • Secret lives of deer

Fall 2008 Deer Chronicle
In This Issue
  • Deer management goals
  • Shorter doe seasons
  • Antlerless harvests within a WMU
  • Deer management 50 years ago
  • The difference between bulls and bucks
  • The moon and the rut
  • Yearling antler predictions
Summer 2008 Deer Chronicle
In This Issue
  • Deer Management Goals
  • 2008-2009 Allocations
  • Deer & Forest Health Data
  • 2007-2008 Harvest Map
  • Payoffs and  Deer Goals?
  • Allocations in the past
  • Are Check Stations Better?
  • GPS Tracking of Deer
  • Suburbanites and Hunting

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