Title 34 Table of Contents

Complete Title 34

Chapter 1. Preliminary Provisions
Sec. 101 Short title of title
Sec. 102 Definitions
Sec. 103 Ownership, jurisdiction and control of game and wildlife
Sec. 104 Title not to apply in certain cases

Chapter 3. Pennsylvania Game Commission
Subchapter A. Organization, Officers and Employees
Sec. 301 Organization of commission
Sec. 302 Director
Sec. 303 Game Commission officers and employees
Sec. 304 Deputy Game Commission officers

Subchapter B. Powers and Duties in General
Sec. 321 Meetings of commission
Sec. 322 Powers and duties of commission
Sec. 323 Cooperative agreements
Sec. 324 Cooperation with Federal Government
Sec. 325 Limitation on disclosure of certain records
Sec. 326 Use of credit and debit cards
Sec. 327 Junior hunter projects
Sec. 328 Accountability

Chapter 5. Fiscal Affairs
Subchapter A. General Provisions
Sec. 501 Refund of moneys paid erroneously or unjustly
Sec. 502 Collection fee for uncollectible checks

Subchapter B. Game Fund
Sec. 521 Establishment and use of Game Fund
Sec. 522 Appropriation of and audit of moneys
Sec. 523 Donations

Subchapter C. Erection of Deterrent Fences
Sec. 541 Authority to provide deterrent fences
Sec. 542 Investigation after receipt of application
Sec. 543 Purchase of materials and construction
Sec. 544 Maintenance, repair or replacement
Sec. 545 Request for review
Sec. 546 Limitation on expenditures for deterrent fencing
Sec. 547 Unlawful acts

Subchapter D. Payment of Bear Damage Claims
Sec. 551 Authority for payment
Sec. 552 Investigation and settlement
Sec. 553 Payment of claim
Sec. 554 Request for review
Sec. 555 Limitation on expenditures for bear damage claims
Sec. 556 Unlawful acts

Subchapter E. Review Procedures
Sec. 561 Appointment of hearing examiner
Sec. 562 Powers and duties of hearing examiner
Sec. 563 Conduct of review
Sec. 564 Finality of decision

Chapter 7. Property and Buildings
Subchapter A. Acquisition and Improvements
Sec. 701 Acquisition of property
Sec. 702 Improvements to property
Sec. 703 Rights-of-way and other rights
Sec. 704 Certification of title or title insurance
Sec. 705 Price paid for acquisitions and improvements
Sec. 706 Title to property
Sec. 707 Designation of property
Sec. 708 Payments in lieu of taxes
Sec. 709 Cooperative agreements relating to land

Subchapter B. Control, Management and Disposition
Sec. 721 Control of property
Sec. 722 Use of property
Sec. 723 Exchange or sale
Sec. 724 Disposition of timber, minerals and other products
Sec. 725 Rights-of-way, easements and licenses
Sec. 726 Leases
Sec. 727 Proceeds from sales and grants
Sec. 728 Propagation areas
Sec. 729 Public access projects
Sec. 730 Controlled goose hunting areas

Subchapter C. Protection of Commission Property
Sec. 741 Commission actions for damage to buildings or property

Chapter 9. Enforcement
Subchapter A. General Provisions
Sec. 901 Powers and duties of enforcement officers
Sec. 902 Deputy Game Commission officers
Sec. 903 Delegation of enforcement powers
Sec. 904 Resisting or interfering with an officer
Sec. 905 (Repealed)
Sec. 906 False or fraudulent statements on reports, etc
Sec. 907 Vehicle operation to avoid identification or inspection
Sec. 908 Reciprocal enforcement on Delaware River

Subchapter B. Prosecution and Penalties
Sec. 921 Time for commencing prosecutions
Sec. 922 Rights and liabilities of minors
Sec. 923 Possession prima facie evidence of violation
Sec. 924 Liability for actions of others
Sec. 925> Jurisdiction and penalties
Sec. 926 Acknowledgment of guilt and receipt for payment
Sec. 927 Disposition of fine and penalties
Sec. 928 Disposition of seized property
Sec. 929 Revocation, suspension or denial of license, permit or registration
Sec. 930 Suspension of privileges pending payment of penalties
Sec. 931 Arrest of nonresident
Sec. 932 Determination of second or subsequent Offenses

Chapter 21. Game or Wildlife Protection
Subchapter A. General Provisions
Sec. 2101 Administration of title
Sec. 2102 Regulations
Sec. 2103 Applicability of Federal laws

Subchapter B. Destruction for Agricultural Protection
Sec. 2121 Killing game or wildlife to protect property
Sec. 2122 Report to commission officer
Sec. 2123 Safekeeping edible carcass pending disposition
Sec. 2124 Retention of edible carcass for food
Sec. 2125 Surrender of carcass to commission officer
Sec. 2126 Unlawful activities

Subchapter C. Destruction of Game or Wildlife in Self-Defense
Sec. 2141 Killing game or wildlife to protect person

Subchapter D. Protection of Game or Wildlife
Sec. 2161 Commonwealth actions for damage to game or wildlife
Sec. 2162 Disturbance of game or wildlife
Sec. 2163 Unlawful importation of game or wildlife
Sec. 2164 Unlawful taking and possession of protected birds
Sec. 2165 Possession or interference with active nests or eggs of birds
Sec. 2166 Unlawful sale of protected birds and plumage
Sec. 2167 Endangered or threatened species

Chapter 23. Hunting and Furtaking
Subchapter A. General Provisions
Sec. 2301 Prima facie evidence of hunting
Sec. 2302 Interference with lawful hunting or trapping prohibited
Sec. 2303 Hunting on Sunday prohibited
Sec. 2304 Ownership of carcass of game or wildlife
Sec. 2305 Retrieval and disposition of killed or wounded game or wildlife
Sec. 2306 Killing game or wildlife by mistake
Sec. 2307 Unlawful taking or possession of game or wildlife
Sec. 2308 Unlawful devices and methods
Sec. 2309 Unlawful removal of game or wildlife from place of refuge
Sec. 2310 Unlawful use of lights while hunting
Sec. 2311 Restrictions on recreational spotlighting
Sec. 2312 Buying and selling game
Sec. 2313 Investigation and seizure of game or wildlife
Sec. 2314 Trespass on private property while hunting

Subchapter B. Hunting Big Game
Sec. 2321 Unlawful killing or taking of big game
Sec. 2322 Prohibited devices and methods
Sec. 2323 Tagging and reporting big game kills
Sec. 2324 Roster of parties hunting big game
Sec. 2325 Cooperation after lawfully killing big game
Sec. 2326 Excess kill of big game
Sec. 2327 Subsequent kill if big game unfit for human consumption
Sec. 2328 Shipping or transporting big game
Sec. 2329> (Repealed)

Subchapter C. Hunting Small Game
Sec. 2341 Possession and transportation of small game

Subchapter D. Furtaking Regulations
Sec. 2361 Unlawful acts concerning taking of furbearers
Sec. 2362 Permitted acts
Sec. 2363 Trapping exception for certain persons
Sec. 2364 Penalties

Subchapter E. Dogs Pursuing Game or Wildlife
Sec. 2381 Dogs pursuing, injuring or killing game or wildlife
Sec. 2382 Training dogs on small game
Sec. 2383 Dogs pursuing, injuring or killing big game
Sec. 2384 Declaring dogs public nuisances
Sec. 2385 Destruction of dogs declared public nuisances
Sec. 2386 Penalties

Chapter 25. Protection of Property and Persons
Subchapter A. Protection of Property
Sec. 2501 Hunting or furtaking prohibited while under influence of alcohol or controlled substance
Sec. 2502 Chemical test to determine amount of alcohol
Sec. 2503 Loaded firearms in vehicles
Sec. 2504 Shooting on or across highways
Sec. 2505 Safety zones
Sec. 2506 Prohibitions within burial grounds
Sec. 2507 Restrictions on shooting
Sec. 2508 Protection of institutions, parks and resorts
Sec. 2509 Damage to property
Sec. 2510 Littering and restrictions on vehicles
Sec. 2511 Damage to trees
Sec. 2512 Unlawful acts on commission lands or waters

Subchapter B. Protection of Persons
Sec. 2521 Accident reports
Sec. 2522 Shooting at or causing injury to human beings
Sec. 2523 Rendering assistance after accidents
Sec. 2524 Protective material required
Sec. 2525 Possession of firearm for protection of self or others

Chapter 27. Hunting and Furtaking Licenses
Subchapter A. General Provisions
Sec. 2701 License requirements
Sec. 2702 Residents
Sec. 2703 Nonresidents
Sec. 2704 Eligibility for license
Sec. 2705 Classes of licenses
Sec. 2706 Resident license and fee exemptions
Sec. 2706.1 Complimentary nonresident licenses
Sec. 2706.2 Elk Hunting Licenses
Sec. 2707 License periods
Sec. 2708 Application requirements
Sec. 2709 License costs and fees
Sec. 2710 Replacement of lost licenses
Sec. 2711 Unlawful acts concerning licenses
Sec. 2711 Vouchers for licenses and permits

Subchapter B. Agents
Sec. 2721 License issuance supervision
Sec. 2722 Authorized license issuing agents
Sec. 2723 Agent bonding requirements
Sec. 2724 Record of license sales
Sec. 2725 Remitting funds to commission
Sec. 2726 Unlawful acts concerning agents

Subchapter C. License Denials or Revocations
Sec. 2741 Denial or revocation of licenses
Sec. 2742 Period of revocation
Sec. 2743 Notice of denial or revocation

Chapter 29. Special Licenses and Permits
Subchapter A. General Provisions
Sec. 2901 Authority to issue permits
Sec. 2902 General categories of permits
Sec. 2903 Permit year
Sec. 2904 Permit fees
Sec. 2905 Examination or inspection fees
Sec. 2906 Records
Sec. 2907 Reports
Sec. 2908 Violations

Subchapter B. Specific Classes of Permits
Sec. 2921 Bird banding permits
Sec. 2922 Collecting permits
Sec. 2923 Disabled person permits
Sec. 2924 Endangered or threatened species permits
Sec. 2925 Falconry permits
Sec. 2926 (Deleted by Amendment - October 6, 2006, Act No. 2005-77)
Sec. 2927 Protected specimen mounting permits
Sec. 2928 Regulated hunting grounds permits
Sec. 2929 Fur dealer permits
Sec. 2930 Propagating permits

Subchapter C. Permits Relating to Hunting Dogs
Sec. 2941 Dog training areas
Sec. 2942 Special retriever training areas
Sec. 2943 Field dog trials
Sec. 2944 Field dog trials for retrievers
Sec. 2945 Fox chasing

Subchapter D. Permits Relating to Wildlife
Sec. 2961 Definitions
Sec. 2962 Exotic wildlife dealer permits
Sec. 2963 Exotic wildlife possession permits
Sec. 2964 Menagerie permits
Sec. 2965 Exclusions

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