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Appendices to the adultBasic Request for Proposal
Appendix A:  Standard Contract Terms and Conditions      
Appendix A:  Standard Contract Terms and Conditions (Revised)
Appendix B:  Special Terms and Conditions
Appendix C:  Noncollusion Affidavit    
Appendix D:  RFP Response Template (Microsoft Word) / (Adobe PDF)    
Appendix E:  Confrimation Certificate (Microsoft Word) / (Adobe PDF)    
Appendix F:  Transmittals and Miscellaneous Documents
Appendix G:  Sample Application  
Appendix H:  Rate Calculation Sheet Form (Microsoft Excel) / (Adobe PDF)      
Appendix I:  Historical Experience Data:  (Microsoft Excel) / (Adobe PDF)    
Appendix J:  Business Associate Agreement
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