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This page will be used to announce any material changes that may affect a proposer's participation in the Request for Proposal. Announcements may include, but will not be limited to: clarification of the text of the RFP (resulting from questions posed by proposers) and changes in the Important Dates. Readers are advised to consult the "Announcement" web page on a regular basis. The Commonwealth will not use any other means of publicizing announcements.

Announcement 1: November 4, 2004:
In response to a request from one of the prospective offerors during the question and answer period, the Department changed from using the Standard Terms and Conditions that were with the original RFP to a revised version. It was the Department's intent to utilize the electronic contracting process (“SAP”) and the appropriate Standard Terms and Conditions for that process were made part of the RFP (Appendix A). However, the “SAP” process does not allow for co-contractors. Therefore, to allow for co-contractors, we will not utilize the “SAP” Contract. This will require a different set of Contract Standard Terms and Conditions. The revised Standard Terms and Conditions are on the web site at Appendix A - Standard Terms and Conditions (Revised). Offerors are reminded, requirements of this RFP and commitments made in the proposals of selected offerors will become part of each contract and are not subject to negotiation.

The Non-Collusion Affidavit in Appendix C was only provided as a PDF file. A Word file is now provided for your convenience in completing the form.

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