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Instructions General Information for Offerors
General Information for Offerors

This website has been developed to facilitate the Request for Proposal (RFP) process for the adultBasic Insurance Program. The program is administered by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department (Department) and will provide basic health insurance for individuals whose income is at or below designated elibility levels. For more information about adultBasic, please click here.


The RFP process will result in the selection of contractors to perform multiple functions for the operation of the program. The Department intends to select for funding the proposal of the offeror(s) that provide(s) the "best value", e.g. best balance of approach, benefit and cost for a coverage area. In general, contractors that will be selected will:

  • Provide basic healthcare coverage
  • Conduct outreach
  • Determine eligibility for the program
  • Enroll and renew enrollment for eligible adults
  • Collect monthly payments
  • Perform quality assurance tasks
  • Provide utilization management data

Parties interested in submitted proposals must be one of the following:

  • Health Plan Corporation
  • Health Maintenance Organization
  • Risk-assuming Preferred Provider Organization
  • Life or Health Insurance Corporation

In order to be considered for the award of a contract, offerors must meet all applicable licensing requirements of the Department and the Department of Health.

General web site information

This website provides access to the RFP, any updates, important dates, questions posed in lieu of a preproposal conference and answers to the questions posed. Instructions for downloading and viewing Adobe Acrobat (.pdf files) are available on the Document Download Instruction page.

Issuing Office

The Division of Budget and Office Management is the Issuing Office and is the sole point of contact in the Commonwealth for this RFP.  Any and all inquiries are to be directed to the Project Officer:

    Office of CHIP and adultBasic
    Attn:  William A. Shaffer
    333 Market Street, Lobby Level
    Harrisburg, PA 17120

Please call (717) 787-4298 to arrange for hand delivery.

It is the preference of the issuing office that questions regarding this RFP be submitted via the website no later than Thursday, October 28.  Answers to all questions will be posted by Tuesday, November 2. No preproposal conference will be held. For further information on how to submit questions, go to the Submit a Question page.


If you have not registered, select the Offeror Registration link on the bottom of this page and begin the process of responding to the RFP.

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