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The Insurance Department has many functions, but one common goal – to protect the consumers of this Commonwealth.

The Bureau of Market Conduct, the Bureau of Licensing and Enforcement and the Consumer Liaison's Office all work toward affording consumers protection. To learn more, and to research the enforcement actions takes to date, click on any of the following hyperlinks:


Field Investigations

Market Conduct

Market Surveillance

Anti-Fraud Examination

Glossary of Enforcement Terms

Protection can come in various forms – such as supplying accurate information in our informational brochures, providing free- and low-cost health insurance options for children and adults who qualify, monitoring the financial solvency of licensed insurance companies and through the enforcement of state laws and regulations governing the business of insurance. This is not a task that is taken lightly. Our investigations range from monitoring the activity of both licensed and unlicensed insurance producers and licensed insurance companies, examining the records, files and practices of insurance entities and their compliance with Pennsylvania laws and regulations and overseeing that the rates charged in the marketplace are approved by the Department and are not unfairly discriminatory to any individual.

If an investigation reveals any violations of Pennsylvania statues or regulations, an enforcement action will be taken and concluded with the issuance of a Consent Order ; or, if formal charges are filed and a hearing is scheduled or held before the Commissioner, the case will conclude with a Settlement Agreement or an Order and Adjudication.


Contact Information
Department Contact
Field Investigations Division Robert Downie, Chief (717)772-3598 (717)772-4334  E-Mail 
Property & Casualty
Life, Accident & Health
Chester Derk, Chief 
Daniel Stemcosky, Chief
Market Surveillance Division Christopher Monahan, Acting Chief (717)772-2383  (717)772-4334  E-Mail
Anti-Fraud Compliance Division Deborah Lee, Chief (717)787-0166  (717)772-4334  E-Mail

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